February 8, 2017

Curve Serves Up Easier Money Management

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Curve wants to make all its fans happy. The addition of an “instant cashback” to mobile wallets is one way. Putting all cards into one app is another. The obvious theme here is convenience. Curve knows customers love things that are streamlined and make performing tasks easier.


Curve serves a segment of the market home to people who do need streamlined help with: money management. Curve works on connecting financial services together into a basic platform. That is convenience at its most awesome level.


Managing money and finances becomes much more difficult when the steps required to do so are cumbersome and complex. Money management programs have long since sought to solve problems associated with “pen and paper” bookkeeping. Ironically, many who embraced basic accounting and financial management software may be a bit unwilling to try out a new app.


Apps may not be their thing. Anyone with this attitude really, as the saying goes, should get with the program. In this case, stragglers literally have to get up to speed on a particular program. Doing so would deliver financial benefits.


Even managing something as simple as a cashback program is important because every little bit of money saved counts. No financial expert would say $5 wasted on an unnecessary expense is something to dismiss. Money should be spent and saved judiciously.


The new apps are designed to work without much complexity. Taking advantage of the available apps — especially solid ones produced by Curve — would be hugely beneficial to anyone wishing to simplify financial management. Nothing is more confusing than trying to juggle several different programs on several different platforms. Curve has done its part to at least partially eliminate the problem. Adding the app to a smartphone definitely would make good fiscal sense.


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