February 13, 2017

Xiaomi Departs from International Tech Events

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The Mobile World Congress where the mobiles tech giants meet has always been used by the smartphones manufacturers to announce their latest technologies. However, this year Samsung and it china’s Xiaomi will not show up in this particular event. This is the largest event in the telecom industry.



The move was anticipated because initially it has been assumed that Xiaomi would attend. The event which is held in Barcelona is one of the largest events for the global mobile industry, an event that encounters more than 100, 000 attendees, it has gained the reputation where tech industry show off their state of the art mobile development in mobile.



During the event last year Xiomi introduced its Mi5, it is an introductory smartphone, and this was done through the live streamed event. The mobile manufacturer firm got a lot of attention in the West when Hugo Barra who was the firm’s head of international participated in a live interview on stage, proving more information of the then under-the-radar company and its business.



After 3 years and a half service at the firm Barra revealed that he would be leaving the company and head to Facebook where he would become the leader of the VR efforts, this could be one of the reasons explaining the why the firm will not be attending. However, there is another explanation that the tech firm does not have any new devices to announce this year. This means that the speculation about the launching of the new Mi6 is unfounded.



The way that Xiaomi is retreating is not unique to this event. Xiaomi has done this again especially for the events that are held in the west. Recently it launched a smart TV and discussed the strategy at CES in Las Vegas early this month, according to TechCrunch the firm is not interested in attending neither organize an event that outside China.



The firm’s competitors that include Huawei and Oppo rose to displace Xiaomi off as the number one seller of the smartphone in China. In the foreign market, it is not certain how its internationalization project that was headed by Barra is performing. Its second largest market after China is India with a revenue of $1 billion last year however the firm has not said anything on the other markets.

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