February 14, 2017

Google And Other Online Companies Stand Up To Lawmakers

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As of recently, there have been plenty of conversations about the concept of net neutrality. There are event attempts to get rid of this whole thing. This has caused a lot of concern for people on both sides of the agreement. Among the concerns is that the end of net-neutrality means that certain websites are going to be forced to pay more or deal with slower net speeds. Finally, a few companies like internet giant Google, and Netflix have taken the time to suggest that the ISPs should not be allowed to make or even influence the laws when it comes to internet.


Among the things that ISP has been stating is that such large bandwidths are going to cause a lot of problems in the online communities. However, a lot of people disagree with this statement. One of the reasons that there is such an attempt on net-neutrality is so that they can keep people chained to very low quality customer service. At the same time, it also keeps them having to pay tons of money. In other words, they are trying to preserve the monopoly when it comes to internet service provision. They don’t want any competition to challenge them.


There have been a lot of letters written to Byron that have been pointing out all of the issues with these decisions. Among the things they are saying is that these policies are written by ISPs that want to dominate the market for itself. For one thing, the competition is going to make them work harder to earn the money that they are used to.


Fortunately, this gives hope to the possibility that there might be a petition made to change the laws to allow for more choice when it comes to the internet. After all, people shouldn’t have to settle for less than the best that they can get. The internet has progressed to the point where there is no need for crappy service or very slow internet speeds.


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