March 18, 2017

Equities First Expands into South Africa

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Growth is one sign of business success, and Equities First is expanding its base around the globe. Recently, this innovative company has opened an office in South Africa under the watchful eyes of Deven Govender, who prides himself on being a business starter. Equities First is based in Indianapolis, Indiana but is providing loans to owners and executives of businesses and other high net worth individuals doing business in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Al Christy, Jr. is the president and founder of the company. It was his idea to secure loans for any purpose on using securities and bonds as collateral. This was something banks do not engage in due to the fluctuations of stocks and stock markets. But Christy assumed that with a team of financial experts analyzing the various stock holding, loans could be safely made on the projected value of each applicant’s portfolio.

In South Africa and Asia where businesses are growing exponentially, the need for loans for business expansion or the purchase of new business equipment is necessary. Referred to as non-purpose loans, Equities First has secured a place in this category of loans.

The ideal candidate is a sophisticated investor who does not want to abandon his positions in a stock holding but would like a loan based on the value of the investments in his or her portfolio. Al Christy and his agents around the world will be happy to meet and discuss the options and the details of these non-purpose loans. Simply contact their office and arrange for a meeting. It does not matter if you are in Indianapolis or India, they will take care of your needs.

Find Equity First on there Bloomberg Website.



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