April 16, 2017

Ubuntu Education Fund Helping Children Each and Every Day

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Jacob Lief has raised large amounts of money as well as speak at several public gatherings. After continuing this routine for his organization he suddenly had a cognizance. His non-profit organization was continuing to bring in money but in reality he felt that his organization was not changing the lives of others.

Jacob Lief is the founder of Ubuntu Education Fund. Ubuntu Education Fund helps children within the Port Elizabeth townships. The purpose of the Ubuntu Education Fund is to help create a plan for every child. The plan helps to provide a child with cohesion, well-being, and knowledge needed in order to escape scarcity. The Ubuntu Education Fund works very close with families and neighborhoods. The organization’s model helps it to achieve great success on a decreased budget. This organization steers away from exceedingly controlled funding.

Finding donors that are willing to provide funding with no alternatives is quite hard to come by for a non-profit organization. Some donors that fund money may state exactly what the money will be used on. Other donors may expect to have control of the planning and/or management of a organization when funding. An ongoing amount of money is essentially what a non-profit organization needs in order to continue to thrive. An ongoing amount of money provides the means for an organization to be able to increase in efficiency and expansion.

Andrew Rolfe is on the Board of Directors for Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew Rolfe is actively involved with this fund. Andrew Rolfe has been to a Gala to show his support for this non-profit organization. Andrew Rolfe is dedicated towards keeping up with the Ubuntu programs and continuing to fully grasp the mission and work of this organization.

In conclusion, The Ubuntu Education Fund is helping children each and every day.



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