April 21, 2017

Anthony Toma CEO and Founder 9Nine Agency Leads in Talent Acquisition and Development

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With the world slowly transforming into a modeling and acting dominated industry, it is almost impossible to identify talented models and actors in the industry. In the current generation, many ladies and guys pose as models even without a precise definition of their roles in the job category. It, however, takes so much than the title to be a model or an actor. The two positions in the entertainment industry call for a lot of training and mentorship. That is why an agency like Nine9 Talent Agency is essential in the field of talent acquisition and mentorship. Talent and mentorship go hand in hand in the industry of modeling and acting. Nine9 News Here .


That is the insight of Anthony Toma, the chief executive officer of Nine9 Agency in an interview with idea mensch. Toma has been the chief executive officer of the agency for a while with him being the lead cheerleader of talent development in the company. Under Tony’s leadership, the organization has provided services that focus on revolutionizing the representation of actors and models in the entertainment industry.


Being a successful business professional and entrepreneur, Anthony is the owner of multi-billion business ventures in various industries like entertainment, retail, and services. His prominence roots from his previous work famous influencers in the entertainment industry. He has been passionate about establishing a new opportunity for the young generation with the prospects of developing talent and the willingness to achieve greater things I future. Nine9 at Facebook .


The mission of the Nine9 agency is crystal. With 99% of models not positively presented in the industry by most modeling agencies, 9Nine modeling is assisting them with the representation. The aim is to illuminate their presence through providing tools, resources, and opportunities for career advancement. The 9Nine agency holds the belief that a huge number always beats the representation of only one person.

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