April 21, 2017

What Makes Wipro Ltd a Leader in the Global Information Technology Industry

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Wipro Ltd is considered a leading international consulting, IT and outsourcing company, and provider of technical services in many industry specialties. Efficient marketing is behind the success of the company, which originally started as Western India Vegetable Products Limited, during the mid-1940’s. The company transitioned and entered the IT industry, in 1981 and in 2013, discontinued its line of vegetable products to replace with information technology services. Within three years, Wipro received spectacular growth in revenue and workforce. In March 2015, Naveen Rajdev, Wipro’s Chief Marketing Officer Sales began his leadership of international marketing teams and became the force behind global growth and sales.



Huffington Post reported Wipro Ltd financial records showed revenues exceeded $7 billion the end of March 2016. Wipro was originally established in India and has expanded to China, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Brazil, Africa, and Canada. Presently, the company has a workforce of 170,000 professionals providing quality services to global clients; including cloud, information management, product engineering, digital, applications, and more services. While serving as Chief Marketing Officer, Naveen Rajdev has accomplished implementing international partnerships, analyst relations, business marketing, and corporate media.




The Wool, a Wipro Magazine was published by Rajdev to provide reliable content to their customers, partners and shareholders. The sophisticated IT magazine covers topics pertaining to future trends and other relevant content. Two important benefits of Wool are connecting customers with companies and connecting Wipro with the executives’ team. Senior executives have access to content that allows them to improve professional development.



Rajdev and the marketing team discovered the right audience and implemented marketing strategy model, business to business’s customer (B2BC). The previous audience of business to business is now replaced with B2BC. His focus is on developing new business model opportunities between technology and banking industry transactions. Rajdev is managing the marketing team in experimenting with new technologies for social, mobile and marketing.



Wipro provides informational technology services to industry specialties compromising of the government, healthcare, aerospace, banking, communications, transportation, energy, and other industries. The success of global growth and increase in revenue the end of March 2016 is attributed to the entire Wipro team. The senior executives, marketing team, and workforce contributed collectively to the overall success of the leading IT, consulting and outsourcing company, internationally.


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