April 23, 2017

Neuralink: Ellon Musk’s Ambitious Project

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Ellon Musk, one of the most important business owners in Silicon Valley, launched a new start-up that pretends to “link” humans to computers.


The creator of Tesla and SpaceX, developer of Hyperloop and president of SolarCity, put his brand-new business the name of Neuralink, and with it intends to develop “super-intelligent” humans.


A report released by The Wall Street Journal describes that the business remains in its preliminary stage and was signed up in California as a “medical research study” company.


Musk verified his participation through Twitter. The objective is to boost human cognitive capabilities with artificial intelligence, resulting in something like “cyberborgs” (cybernetic organisms).


To do this, he wishes to utilize an innovation called the “neural loop.” Musk worries that the advancement of AI will eventually leave human beings behind. This is why he wishes to incorporate a “layer” of the same type of technology to our own intelligence.


He thinks that artificial intelligence will leave humans far behind. Almost like being animals for devices. Ellon believes the very best option is to have a layer of expert system that can work well biologically within humans.


The system that he proposes will have the ability to implant a couple of electrodes in the brain that could release our ideas in the future. With this method, he wishes to attain a sort of symbiosis with devices. We would no longer require to position our fingers on the keyboard. Merely, believe exactly what you wish to compose to appear on the screen.


In the short-term, it intends to produce implants that can be utilized to deal with illness such as epilepsy or anxiety. Its supreme objective is to establish a neural network that can be implanted in our brain and that enables us to operate more efficiently with artificial intelligence. The concept is similar to an electronic marrow.


Musk believes that we will experience a merging between digital and biological intelligence. Which will impact the the speed of connection between our brain and our virtual selves.


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