April 30, 2017

Andrew Rolfe Thoughts on Donations with No Strings Attached

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In every donation, some individuals give half-heartedly, others with restrictions attached, and others with utmost good faith. Of late, many donors are giving grants with restrictions on how it will be used or with guidelines on how to share the fame or glory from the donation. Sometimes, it becomes hard to utilize different donations as most donors divert the main course of the fund.

Jacob Lief, the founder and the CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund, has come out boldly to speak about this ill of putting restrictions on donations. Jacob says that, since the inception of the program, he has been involved in various events in search of donations from the people of good faith. Even though he has received a lot of grants, he has come to the realization that the donations don’t serve the primary purpose of raising them.

Ubuntu Education Fund was primarily formed to assist vulnerable children in getting a quality education as the rest in Elizabeth’s townships in Cape Province. The funds, however, have been diverted to other programs, which are not even related to sponsoring needy children. Jacob Lief says that it is high time to change the course and bring back the Ubuntu’s glory and aim of educating vulnerable children.

Jacob Lief categorically stated that, if a donor does not want to donate willingly, then, he should not donate. Giving a donation, apart from taking part in social responsibility, can also be beneficial to the donor by spreading his name and deeds alongside that of the foundation. It is, however, unacceptable to donate with attached instructions on how to use the funds or what to get in return after donating.

Andrew Rolfe has stamped the information by Jacob by emphasizing the importance of donating without giving restrictions that later collapse the foundation. Andrew Rolfe, the current chairman of the board of directors of Ubuntu Foundation, has been advocating for donations with no strings attached to give space for the foundation to assist children who genuinely and desperately seek education. Andrew Rolfe, head of private equity at Towerbrook Capital Partners, has been actively involved in creating workable programs and strategies to ensure that the donations reach every child in need. Moreover, Andre Rolfe has received various awards for his great leadership capability and transparency in all his activities.


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