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Android 2.0 is the Second Swing at Bat for a Wearable OS

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Android Wear 2.0 is coming soon. Early February 2017 is the slated release for the wearable smartwatch. And a lot of people will be watching. The Apple Watch was a complete and total fiasco. Riddled with bugs, the Apple Watch proved to be one of the company’s biggest failures in history. Android Wear 2.0 is intended to wipe away all memories of any disastrous smartwatch memories. In the place of those awful memories will be a newer, better wearable operating system.


There is one thing Apple has going for it with the release of this new product. People love to purchase gadgets. Even when the gadget gets weak reviews, there are still going to be millions of people interested in buying up the product. Anything with the Apple or Android brand is going to draw attention. Granted, the Apple Watch eventually died because sales could not be sustained. The smartwatch also could not expand beyond the base of gadget loyalists.


Android 2.0 hopes to sustain sales by improving on the poor marks the Apple Watch received. Improvements on an intriguing technological device could do a lot to bring back all those old customers the company lost with the Apple Watch. Hopefully, a large block of customers weren’t turned off so much they won’t give a wearable OS product the cold shoulder once it hits stores.


As long as the new Android 2.0 product delivers something consumers really want, then the product is going to be a success. This is, of course, provided the quality is there. Many wanted the unique benefits of owning a smartwatch, but a smartwatch that fails to work is not exactly something that delivers many benefits.


Apple has surely learned from previous folly. The new release is sure to be something interesting. Apple is hoping customers are willing to give it a try.


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Google Plans to Embarrass Slow Software Updating Vendors.

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Google has in the past developed a few strategies to ensure that Android device makers update their software on time. All attempts by Google in the past to ensure software get timely updates have failed.

Google has now decided to adopt a different approach and shame all vendors that do not comply will be shamed. This approach the company hopes will coerce the vendors to update their software in time.

It was reported that Google had compiled a list that ranked Android makers based on the time taken to update their software. The list has not been publicly availed, but the company might just release it to the public if the slow brand makers refuse to change.

Google is also planning to shorten the time taken to test the updates. The testing cycle is painstakingly long, and Google is pressing carriers to shorten the testing cycle for updates. The report, however, did not come directly from Google but was leaked, and Google has not yet said anything about the leak.

There are no guarantees that shaming the slow vendors will work if it’s ever made public. The alliance that had been previously formed, (Android Update Alliance) was short lived and did not work.

Vendors update their software depending on commercial reality. The list also does not seem to have direct consequences and there is no much pressure for updates like it was in the past. Google play services can update through play store without having to go through makers Carriers.

Google efforts to ensure timely updated is to guarantee the security is improved and also to protect users from hardware creators.