March 18, 2017

Equities First Expands into South Africa

Growth is one sign of business success, and Equities First is expanding its base around the globe. Recently, this innovative company has opened an office[...]
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December 29, 2016

Equities First Holdings, a Global Leader in Financing

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a specialist of alternative lending. It offers efficient solutions to high-net-worth people and businesses that seek non-purpose[...]
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December 22, 2016

Equities First Holdings Providing Comprehensive Stock-Based Lending Across The World.

Equities First Holding is a leading firm dealing with stock-based funding. The company is focused on providing comprehensive credit options with both efficiency[...]
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December 20, 2016

Equities First Specialties

Equities First Holdings, LLC benefits businesses and individual investors with securities based lending. Equities First is not like a bank they are an[...]
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October 11, 2016

Buy Your Dream Home With These Financial Services

Amazingly, home ownership is possible with NexBank because they allow customers to save money and live their dream. A PR Newswire article spoke with NexBank[...]
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October 3, 2016

A Shining Example of a Local Bank

Recently, Nexbank announced that it was expanding its charity efforts with the community of Dallas. Nexbank is going to provide over $50 million of potential[...]
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