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April 27, 2017

Tech Companies Pull Clever April Fools’ Day Pranks

In what has become a tradition among American tech companies, the final weekend of March presented some very clever pranks, jokes and stunts that made[...]
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April 26, 2017

SpaceX Is Literally Bringing Private Technology Ventures to New Heights

Space exploration has long been the subject matter of dreams and inspiration. It is impossible to count the number of people who, when they were kids,[...]
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April 25, 2017

Canada Aims To Become A Massive Player In Artificial Intelligence Field

Geoff Hinton, who is a cognitive and computer technology psychologist, worked for years in a discrete school structure at the University of Toronto, Canada,[...]
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April 24, 2017

Telegram App Introduces Secure Voice Calling

The battle between mobile messaging apps continues to be waged among giants such as Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook. The latest salvo in the fight over mobile[...]
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April 23, 2017

Neuralink: Ellon Musk’s Ambitious Project

Ellon Musk, one of the most important business owners in Silicon Valley, launched a new start-up that pretends to “link” humans to computers.   The[...]
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April 21, 2017

What Makes Wipro Ltd a Leader in the Global Information Technology Industry

Wipro Ltd is considered a leading international consulting, IT and outsourcing company, and provider of technical services in many industry specialties.[...]
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April 2, 2017

Amazon Begins Solar Powered Installations

As questions of oil efficacy and the drawbacks of coal rise into the public forum and become international issues, corporations like Amazon are making[...]
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April 1, 2017

GM Is A Unique New Member Of Online Rentals

The growth of technology-based services companies has been significant. The growth has pulled in many companies that otherwise would not be associated[...]
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March 31, 2017

Snapchat’s IPO Debut Is Incredible

Snapchat has experienced a very good day. The good day is also the first day of the company’s IPO. The IPO was priced at $17 the day prior to the[...]
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March 30, 2017

Bitcoin’s Value Suprisingly Tops Gold’s

Bitcoin may very well be the currency of the future. Libertarians have sung the praises of this global form of currency. Technology fans embrace Bitcoin[...]
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