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iPhone 7 Not As Popular As iPhone 6

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The iPhone, which was one of the earliest smartphones that have brought smartphones into the public has been coming up with regular advancements. However, the latest version, which is the iPhone 7 has not been as popular as the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s. This is to be expected with products that are often innovative. There will be some products that may perform at a lower rate than the previous item. However, this is nothing to worry about. There have been a few effects to the plan of companies when it comes to the iPhone 7, though.


Because of the low sales of the new model, a lot of stores are ordering fewer of the models. One must wonder what it is that made the new phone perform poorly compared to the previous phone. For one thing, there are cases when a certain model has some great features. Then at some point, they release the new model with new features. Often times, those features are not as great as the older version. Also, some of the great features of the older version have been taken away from the newer version. As a result, the newer version is going to be lacking when it comes to sales.


Another factor that could influence the sales of the iPhone is the types of smartphones that are out beside the iPhone. For one thing, there are a lot of other phones that are dominating the market. Among the phones that are available in the industry are phones by HTC, LG, and Samsung. They offer some great phones that offer features that compete with the iPhone. Their cameras are also every bit as clear and vivid in the images that they take. Another factor is in the prices that people pay for their phones. The iPhone is often more expensive than the other smartphones. However, there are already plans for the iPhone 8. Apple is likely to putt out all the stop for their next phone.


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Bridging the Gap Between Silicon Valley and China

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Silicon Valley’s hopes of getting a share in the Chinese market was crushed to dust when Uber sold its operations in the country to its closest rival Didi Chuxing. The region’s tech companies have slowly lost the battle for the country’s 700 million population characterized by high purchasing power and love for technology. Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook and Twitter are already sidelined and replaced by local alternative versions.


In equal measure, Chinese tech companies are still finding it hard to penetrate the global market. The country’s tech giants such as Alibaba and Baidu have staged futile attempts to gain traction of the globe’s rich market share. Following these circumstances, Chinese and US companies are increasingly operating in form of partnerships and reciprocating investments. Even as they try to expand their client base, these firms are still subjected to external influence mainly the government. Li Zhifei, founder and CEO of Mobvoi acknowledges that there is a rift between the two biggest global tech centers. However, he affirms that the relationship between Chinese and American tech companies is going to be tighter in a few years.


For instance, the Chinese mobile market forms 20% of the world market. It is the largest in the world, and that is why companies who care about the 20%s are willing to form partnerships with Chinese companies or trade locally. These partnerships will slowly bridge the gap between Chinese tech companies and Silicon Valley.


However, US companies still have a challenge ahead as far setting up operations in China is concerned. China’s local market has aggressive companies who are quick to adjust to the market changes and make decisions promptly. Such companies execute with speed and are quick to identify opportunities in the market. This might be a challenge to foreign companies who operate in the country using remote technology.


Though Silicon Valley companies have a global view, they need to be more localized in China if they want to tap into the country’s rich market and compete well with the local tech companies. We have seen the efforts of Apple who doubled their sales in China’s lucrative market. Facebook is trying to re-establish a foothold there, and other companies have gone as far as to rebuild their entire system to offer services specific to the Chinese market.

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A New Company Is Developing A Platform To Book Doctor Appointments Online

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Many of us would appreciate being able to book a table at a restaurant we plan on dining out for the night or the weekend through a smartphone application. What if we could book an appointment to the doctor for a checkup or the dentist for a dental procedure? A new startup company from France is looking to make that a reality and so far it has achieved some limited success in its home country.


Doctolib, a French startup company is looking to make doctor bookings via smartphone a new way of scheduling appointments for the medical industry. It seems that the idea has some validity as the new technology startup has recently gotten an investment of over $28 million dollars. Investors include a major French bank, BPI France and private investor, Ludwig Klitzsch. Previous investors such as tech investment firm, ACCEL and private investors Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet and Nicolas Brusson were also part of the latest round of investments as well.


In addition to the recent $28 million dollar investment, Doctolib got funding in the amount of $20 million dollars towards the end of 2015. The firm says that it plans on expanding its operations outside of France and into new markets very shortly. It also plants on hiring some 150 new employees this year. A lot of these new employees are expected to be in the sales department as well as in IT management of the company’s booking app.


What is the customer experience of Doctolib for a customer? As a customer you can browse around various doctors and see what times they have available for an appointment. When you see a time you like, you just select it and confirm your appointment. There are no calls to make. A text message reminder will be sent out to your phone the day before your appointment as well. It is simple, easy, convenient and hassle free.


For doctors, using the service will cost €99 euros or $106.5 dollars per month. There is no need to install any software or update the software ever. You just log onto the program via the internet and manage your appointments and contacts directly through the program. Doctolib lets doctors focus more on seeing patients and less on managing appointments and making followups.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plans And Design

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Samsung is working on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. There has been a steady amount of information coming out about the upcoming products from Samsung. Among the pieces of information are whether or not it is going to have a headphone jack and computer port or not. As of right now, it is really unknown the type of features that the Samsung Galaxy phone is going to come with. However, among the things that have been reported is that is going to have an all screen design. Therefore, it is going to be something that people will enjoy more than any other phone.


One thing that could be said for smartphones is that they are some of the most innovative devices of recent times. While they are still phones, they can be used for a ton of other activities. Among these activities are watching videos and listening to music. This is something that is very helpful to the user in that he could keep up with what is going on even on the go. The smartphone could also be used for business related purposes such as running a website. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to make sure that they have a very reliable device that they can use.


With Samsung Galaxy S8, there are plans to make the most out of computer technology on phones. Among the features that people are going to have is a faster processor. This is very important for people that are going to use their phone for online communications and business purposes. Of course the consumer can expect to have high quality and high definition images. After all, video is going to need a lot of detail.


There are other possibilities of features which include a DeX dock feature which will make the phone more like an android based computer. Samsung has done everything it can to bring forth something that is both safe and reliable.


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3DTV To Come To An End

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The home 3D industry has been officially dropped since it has been announced that Samsung and LG are not going to be focusing their efforts on 3D technology when it comes to television. 3D television has been made available for a little bit in order to take advantage of the resurgence of the craze that has recently taken over movie theaters. It was expected that this 3D craze was going to stick. However, there weren’t enough people that were interested in 3DTV. Therefore, quite a few technology companies have decided to drop the technology as of right now. As of whether or not it will come back will remain to be seen.


One issue with 3DTV is perhaps the misunderstanding of the technology. For one thing, movies have been released at home in 3D long before the release of 3DTVs. Therefore, people may have found themselves wondering why there is a 3D television when all that is needed is a 3D encoded image and glasses meant to present the image to the viewer in 3D. Another thing is that 3D is best for movie theaters because that is the best chance one has in order to take advantage of the capabilities of 3D.


Also, there are people who do not like 3D at all. There are actually some movies that handle 3D very well. For one thing, movies that are to be filmed in 3D need to be shot a little differently than a regular 2D movie. One of the reasons for this is that 3D films that are shot right are going to cause headaches because of some scenes that have focusing issues. In order to make a good 3D movie, every aspect of the scene has to be in equal amount of focus so that the viewer can choose what to focus on. Among the good examples of movies with good 3D is Mad Max: Fury Road. The film seemed like one could disappear into the world.


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Tesla Completes Construction of World’s Largest Battery Station

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Tesla has just completed an 80 MWh battery station for Southern California Edison. This battery station is located at the Mira Loma substation in Ontario, California.


Along with manufacturing vehicles and solar cells, Tesla Motors is well known for producing tremendous numbers of batteries. With Tesla about to release its long-awaited mass market fully electric vehicle, the Model 3, Tesla needs to produce more batteries than any company has ever produced before. To do this Tesla is building a battery “Gigafactory” in Nevada. When completed, it will produce more battery storage capacity per year than the entire world produced in 2014. Primarily as a consequence of the massive economies of scale of such a building, Tesla will be able to produce batteries for far less money.


However, falling battery prices do not only benefit electric cars. As batteries become cheap enough they also become an important method of balancing load for the electric grid. Since the demand for electricity various greatly throughout a day electric grids typically make use of natural gas powered “peaker plants” to balance their loads. Yet while these power plants are quick at adapting, batteries are even faster. Batteries are also safer and emit zero greenhouse gasses. Therefore with the falling cost of batteries, they will replace traditional peaker plants more and more.


Balancing load for the utility Southern California Edison is the purpose of this massive battery station. The 80 MWh energy capacity comes from 400 of Tesla’s new second generation Powerpacks. With all of this energy, the battery station could power over 2500 households for more than a day. Yet as previously mentioned this is not its purpose. Southern California Edison has over 15 million customers, and so this battery station will help stabilize the load for all of them.


This huge battery station was built after Southern California Edison started looking into different storage options following the shut down of the Aliso Canyon natural gas reservoir. This reservoir was the source for gas power plants in the region until a catastrophic failure in 2015 forced California Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency.


Tesla has stated that it is in discussions with others for large battery projects. With falling battery prices these should become increasingly common.

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The Fight For Open Internet

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One of the best aspects of internet is that it is open and anyone can provide services to customers. However, there are people that are looking to fight it and take away the fairness of internet by rolling back net neutrality. In doing this, this will allow service providers to decide what type of company is able to provide fast access to websites. Therefore, people are going to be forced to go to certain companies in order to certain types of content. This does seem like an unfair deal for people. There are already other attempts to bring people to a certain provider for online services. Among these attempts is AT&T looking to offer streaming services for people without any charge to their data.


As of right now, there are a lot of big companies that are opposed to this movement. Among these companies are Google, Netflix, and other large service service providers. At the same time, they recognize that they are big enough to not have to worry about any issues in case the anti-net neutrality entities get their way. This gives people a little bit of comfort. At the same time, there is no telling what is going to happen.


Fortunately, there are tons of people on the side of Google and Netflix that are willing to fight for open and fair internet. They are going to do whatever it takes to keep the internet open. One of the reasons that it is important for people to have open internet is that without open internet, there is the potential for information to be controlled. It is the honesty of the internet that makes it possible for people to keep many of the businesses in line. It is also important for people to have transparency so that they can make sure that the people are getting honest services. Fortunately, there is a chance that there will be an agreement with the issue of net neutrality.


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Facebook Growth to Slow

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Ever since the company was first established in 2005, Facebook has been one of the most exciting and dynamic organizations in the world. With daily users now well over 1 billion people, it has become by far the largest social media engine in the world. Facebook has been even more exciting to follow ever since it was first announced that they were going to unveil their IPO. In the five years since they first went public, the company has continued to impress investors with their continued growth. While the earnings have remained strong, a recent news article ( points out that the growth could slow.


In the third quarter of 2016, Facebook announced that its revenue jumped a very impressive 56% year over year. While these results are extremely impressive for any standard, most industry and financial experts agree that the growth in revenue should decline in coming years. The company has stated that they expect their fourth quarter year over year growth to be closer to 40%.


The reasons for the growth decline vary considerably, but most are attributed to the fact that the prior growth was impossible for any company to continue. While the company will not have as high year-over-year growth in the future, there is still a lot of room for growth going forward. In the coming year, the company will be unveiling a new ad program, which is sure to result in higher results for advertisers. This should ultimately result in more value per ad, which could have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line.


Facebook is also rumored to be venturing into other product lines, which will have an impact on the financial future of the company. The company will continue to look for ways to build upon their base social media engine, but will start producing more software, online sites, and other valuable programs that could help the company to continue to succeed. The company also plans on continuing to invest in both their human capital and infrastructure, which should lead to an improved output going forward.

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The Ever Changing Facebook

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It can be difficult to keep the creative genius going when your company has been around for such a long time. That is the dilemma that Bill Gates faced with Microsoft. That is the same thing that Mark Zuckerberg is facing now with Facebook. He has been making changes for years for years to lure new members and keep the old members happy.


Currently the addition of headlines for context is most recent change the people are seeing with Facebook right now. It is these type of small incremental tweaks that people can continue to expect with Facebook. This is the type of social media giant that has continued to spark change for people that are interested in seeing something new. There are so many social media sites out there. Zuckerberg and his team have a lot to consider. That is the main reason why there are so many people that are going to embrace the changes like Facebook live. That was a future that would sort of duplicate some of the creativity that started Snapchat. It has become rather obvious that the tech world is fickle with constant change. That is why Facebook is trying to stay abreast of the technology that is out there. Zuckerberg doesn’t want to mess up what has already gained the attention of a billion users, but he doesn’t want to stay stagnant either.


It is going to be interesting to see how Facebook lines up against the other websites that are currently on the market. There are no limitations to what Mark and his team can do because he has the money to afford all of the innovation that he desires. This is the great thing about become so successful in the social media world. People are going to give their feedback right away, and that allows Zuckerberg to go back to the drawing board. The Facebook website and app are going to be around. There are too many people with too much interest invested in their pages. That is why the website will be around for a while. Zuckerberg has worked hard to stay relevant. People are going to look at what this website has to offer, and they are going to appreciate the innovation.

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Detroit Meseum Uses Augmented Reality to Improve User Experience

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Augmented reality is a new type of technology that tech companies are working to leverage for new innovations. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality, as the name implies, seeks to enhance or add to the world around users. The new Pokémon Go game is the most recent popular example of augmented reality: the game is integrated with the world around users, so they interact with game characters while walking around in the real world.


Gaming is only one small use for augmented reality, though, and no major companies have managed to leverage the full potential of this technology as yet. Now the Detroit Institute of Arts in Michigan will use the technology to enhance visitor experience.


Using the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, museum-goers can view extra graphics and information about exhibits. For example, viewing a plain-looking, beige sculpture through the device shows the user how the sculpture appeared when it was created, with the full colors of the Assyrian palace it was housed in. A user viewing the device while walking through a doorway will see ancient gates from the city of Babylon. Mummy remains viewed through the device show the user an image of the skeleton inside.


The new technology program will take advantage of Google’s new Tango technology, and this will be the first museum to use this innovative combination of 3-D mapping and augmented reality. The Lumin program will premier at the end of January, and the museum intends to seek user feedback for further development of the program.