Clay Siegall

November 2, 2016

Clay Siegall Is Offering More Drugs Through Seattle Genetics As It Expands

Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics to offer cancer drugs to the marketplace that were based on his antibody therapy, and he is now managing a company[...]
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August 16, 2016

Dr. Clay Siegall is the External Director of Mirna Therapeutics Inc.’ Board of Directors

Clay B. Siegall has cemented a top position in the medical sector as a researcher and an innovator. His effort and commitment to the fight against cancer and improvement of the quality of health care have earned him several awards and high profile appointments. Mirna Therapeutics Inc., an established biotechnology company responsible for developing and commercializing microRNA appointed Dr.[...]
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July 28, 2016

Seattle Genetics, Inc. – Leading The Way in Cancer Research

Seattle Genetics a biotechnology company in the pharmaceutical industry and is located in Boswell, Washington, a suburb just north of Seattle. The[...]
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