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Betsy DeVos is the Perfect Person To Lead Our Country!

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I am so happy that President Trump has nominated somebody who really cares about education to be our Secretary of Education. I feel like there is finally going to be somebody in power who cares about parents and wants them to be involved in their kid’s education. Betsy DeVos has proven her commitment to education over the years by her strong support for education, and for having parents involved in how their kids get educated.

Proven Track Record of Philanthropy

Dick and Betsy DeVos launched their Family Foundation back in 1989. Long before other influential people even cared about education. The foundation specifically lists education as one of the major areas they help. Their support is evident from the gifting they have done over the years. Since the Family Foundation was formed, they have donated over $13 million to both private and public schools.

They also founded the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, a center for arts managers to learn how to fundraise and utilize their money. They donated $22.5 million to fund the center. Additionally, they founded ArtPrize. ArtPrize is an art contest which has a panel of experienced art judges and allows the public to have a vote in the best piece of art. It’s one of the biggest art contests with prizes equal to close to $500,000.

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Why She Is So Giving And Successful

I think that the traditional upbringing of DeVos is one of the reasons she is so dedicated to families and education. She grew up in a family that made education a top priority. She attended Holland Christian High School and then Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She studied Business Administration and Political Science.

DeVos donates so much money because she has personally seen the results of what can happen when parents get involved in education. She knows that it takes money to get results, especially when parents are at odds with the educational system. She is strong in her beliefs and has said she is not one that goes along with the crowd. She refuses to be a victim of group think and demands parents have a say in their children’s schooling.

She Gets Things Done!

DeVos and her husband have been at the forefront of educational reform for a long time. She is Chairman of the American Federation for Children, the nation’s leading choice advocacy group. The work of this group has led to children being able to go to the school of their choice.

She and her husband started a charter school for kids aspiring to work in the aeronautical field. She also serves on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Visit her website at


Established Publishing House

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Those in the know probably already realize that the Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher learning establishment with a strong research background, conference background, and publishing background. In fact, the organization is home to the Wessex Journals. The organization is located in Southern England. However, the Wessex Journals are well received across the world.


Wessex Journals

The well established publishing house at Wessex Institute publishes the Wessex Journals, which are available in print or digital format. The Journals are published quarterly or bimonthly. Wessex Institute suggests that people interested in the Journals subscribe. However, subscribing is optional. The Journals are easily downloaded via the website. Today, the organization is responsible for publishing several highly received Journals that are published on a regular basis. Anyone that is interested in learning more about the Wessex Journals should contact them via the website for more information. Visit the website to download a sample of the Journals.


The Wessex eLibrary

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Wessex, England is known for many things including education. The Wessex Technological Institute is just one of the more prominent institutions in this region that is known worldwide for using scientific methods to back up research. This research is shared with both college students and professionals. The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary available through WIT, or the Wessex Institute, is a fantastic tool that both professionals and college students can utilize for research. In this library there are over 28,000 different open access peer reviewed papers on subjects from math to transportation. There are seven different core collections included in the eLibrary. These collections include engineering sciences, the built environment, information and communication technologies, ecology and the environment, modeling and simulation, biomedicine and health, and state of the art in science and engineering categories. Each of these main categories can be broken down into subcategories, which the search engine prominently displays on the website to make navigation easier. Open access means that these papers can viewed free of charge, and visitors to the eLibrary do not even need to register before searching and viewing the document. Included in the massive amount of information available through the eLibrary are the international journals. The WIT Press is responsible for keeping this information up to date.