April 16, 2017

Ubuntu Education Fund Helping Children Each and Every Day

Jacob Lief has raised large amounts of money as well as speak at several public gatherings. After continuing this routine for his organization he suddenly[...]
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January 1, 2017

Sujit Choudhry’s Life Work in Comparative Law

Comparative law compares and contrasts legal systems. It is useful when looking at countries with governing policies different from the nation in question.[...]
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November 30, 2016

Jason Hope; a Staunch Supporter of SENS Foundation

Jason Hope, a renowned entrepreneur from Scottsdale, AZ, has continued to demonstrate his passion for philanthropy and empowering society. His main focus[...]
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November 25, 2016

Don Ressler Influences Outlook

One thing that is going to help JustFab is the announcement of the all-inclusive initiative which allows people of all sizes to enjoy the clothing. Fashion[...]
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November 24, 2016

Adam Milstein Named One of 50 Most Influential Jews in the World

Every year, the Jerusalem Post names the 50 Jews it considers the most influential in the world. They recently announced their list for 2016, and Number[...]
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September 9, 2016

Investment Banking, Martin Lustgarten

Are in search of a reputable investment banking firm or advisor? Do you want to start investing and need reliable advice and guidance? Perhaps you have[...]
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September 2, 2016

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Offers Invaluable Advice to Entrepreneurs in Panama

Panama, as a country, has been dependent on trade and banking from other countries including America, the dormant industries in the country are weighed[...]
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August 26, 2016

Keith Mann Rescues Trapped Animals

Keith Mann, philanthropist has not only made a lot of efforts to help students improve their lives. He has also taken the time to help animals that are[...]
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