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Google, Netflix and Others Fighting For Open and Fair Internet

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As of right now, there are attempts to prevent certain other entities to offer and provide internet service. This is a problem because it brings forth a monopoly. When there is a monopoly, then this means that a company can do what it wants with its services. As of right now, net neutrality is threatened. Fortunately, there are a ton of people that are going to work as hard as they can to prevent net neutrality from coming to an end. Google and Netflix are among the large companies that are in opposition to the proposal to bring to end net-neutrality.


As of right now, they are fighting for Virginia. There is a legislation that is proposed called the Virginia Broadband Deployment Act. This act is designed to keep municipal broadband companies from being able to offer services except for in limited capacity. This type of deal will make it not only hard for other companies to offer services, but will also maintain the monopoly on internet service. For one thing, net neutrality makes sure that people are able to choose from better services. Therefore, companies would have to work hard to provide the best services for the customer.


These are some rather troubling times for the internet. There is the possibility that there is going to be online censorship. What is now a free source of media where any type of information can be posted is soon to be a place where only select pieces of information from select sources can be accessed. With net neutrality gone, this could potentially result in a lot of sites that would’ve been easily accessed being shut down or losing views. There might be the opportunity to pay for faster speeds. However, the loss of net neutrality could mean other forms of restrictions as well. One of the most sobering facts these days is that fairness, justice and human rights are always going to be fought for because there is always someone that is looking to take those away.


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Uber’s New App for Drivers Enhances Safety but Does It Violate Privacy?

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Uber Technologies adds a ton of new safety features to its new app for drivers. It will start tracking various aspects of driver behavior, such as speeding and noting when drivers go too long without a break. In 2016, Uber began enforcing drivers in New York City to take a break if they have been driving for more than 12 hours at a time. Some drivers had been driving as much as 17 hours without a break before Uber began enforcing 12-hour shifts. Driving for long periods of time is quite dangerous for the drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other cars on the road. Although Uber drivers provide rides to millions of customers a year, the small number of violence and accidents are highlighted in the media and significantly affect the public’s perception of Uber. Uber wants to ensure that the public thinks of the ride-sharing service as safe, according to TechCrunch.

The app works by monitoring sensors in the driver’s’ smartphones to gather various data. Some of the features of the app include daily driving reports, break reminders. It also monitors dangerous driving behaviors, such as accelerating through turns too fast or braking too harshly. In addition, the app can tell if a driver is holding their cell phone and remind them to use a dash mounted display. It can also sense if a driver is impaired.

Uber has received some backlash on the app, as it raises concerns about driver privacy. Uber’s drivers are not employees, rather they are independent contractors. Uber’s goal is to provide feedback to help their drivers become better at their jobs and improve safety not violate driver privacy, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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Children Consuming Tech at Younger Ages Than Ever

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According to a recently released study from Influence Central, children are consuming more tech at a younger age than ever before. Influence Central’s 2016 Digital Trends Study is an update of their 2012 study on tech and shows some interesting results.

The number of parents imposing limits on tablet or phone usage has fallen from 49% to 41%, but 27% of parents use internet filtering software vs 21% in 2012. Not surprising, 64% of all children access the internet on their own tablet or laptop. This is a huge increase from just 42% in 2012. Nearly 50% of all children have a social media account by the age of 12.

Children are getting their first phones at an average age of just 10.3. They are using their phones for texting, social media and even entertainment. In fact, 31% of parents state they use their phone to text their kids in home and 15% of parents use the GPS function to track their children.

Tablets, including the iPad, are finding increased use as entertainment in cars and vans. 55% of children report using a tablet in the car while 45% of children use a cellphone for vehicle entertainment. Not surprisingly, Nintendo DS use has fallen from 40% to 24% and DVDs have fallen from 48% to 35%.

It’s hardly surprising that in just a few short years, the use of internet and mobile devices have exploded among children. Children have access to social media and mobile devices at a younger age than ever.

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Beneful for the Hunt

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Wolves have a very hard knock life in which they have to fight for every morsel of food, and a substantial part of their diet is from rancid meat in many cases. Because of this, their lives are severely shortened and spent at the tip of hunger because of the inadequacy of the nutrition as much as the scarcity of food effects their lifespan. This is why I avoid feeding my dogs the raw dog food that is either bought or homemade. I let them enjoy some morsels when I am cleaning fish and other game from the table, but their primary diet must be much more balanced because my dogs are very active, and for dogs, food is directly transformed into energy. I also want them to live long happy lives, and this is directly attributable to the type of food that they are fed also.

My Beneful dogs may wake up, trail and hunt all day long. This is whether I take them hunting or not because I allow them to range across our rather sizeable farm and ranch acreage. When I do not take them, they catch nothing as they hunt alone, but they chase the game all day. If they were wild or became wild, they would probably get a technique down for capturing food, but to date, they are lousy catchers. This is okay because I do not catch on the hunts that I go on. Our hunts are done with my dogs mostly to disturb unwanted game rather than catching it and removing it. My dogs are a type of sight hound. Their instincts make them chase game for hours and agitate it. When regular hunters use dogs like this, the dogs either learn to chase the animal and cause it to stop while the rest of the hunting team or dog pack catches up, or they chase small game and catch it like greyhounds or whippets do. This is why in dog racing, the thing that the dogs chase is called a rabbit.

This is why I chose this breed, they can chase and maneuver without getting themselves hurt when they are chasing feral boar. The large fighting hogs have been dispatched, and many of the genetics today are from very fast long-winded hogs with much more Russian boar involved. Russian boars are known for their speed and stamina, but my dogs can handle it as long as they have the proper nutrition. Without it, they could be in danger if they are prematurely tired and cannot effectively escape the mad hog. I take no chances because of this, so I feed Beneful to my dogs. They never present any slowdown periods in the hunt. Additionally, they recover well. Dogs with this type of energy expenditure will not be able to perform consistently if they fail to recover from the previous day. This is very stressful to athletic dog’s health, but Beneful prevents this problem outright. I have no reason to utilize any other food.

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You’re Online Business Value.

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The internet and online platform has opened up our world beyond any realm one would have imagined in the last century. Now it is possible to make a virtual visit across the globe right from your electronic device. This has provided a great interface for interaction and growth in all spheres in our lives.

Not all good however comes without hurdles. With the sea of information accessible in the internet, it simply means one can find as much good and equally as much bad. This then begs the question how doe some keep good profile on the internet. This is especially a matter business and high profile individuals would hold close to their hearts. In the event that a bad picture is painted out there, how does one mitigate the effects of it, on one’s personal life, business, family and even career?

One brilliant internet guru and famous self made online reputation specialist Darius Fisher has structured solutions to this seemingly emerging problem that has been underestimated. He runs the status lab which specializes in maintaining highly reputable images online as well as offers a ’clean up’ service to turn around ones image.
A good starting point would be to find out your own personal reputation. What does Google say about you? How much is out there about you? Are you offering too much personal information that could be used against you? Fisher advises the principle of giving as little personal information about yourself as possible, Limit and provide sheers from direct contact with yourself. A useful measure would be registering your company or website under a business name and use company emails. This shields you from direct contact and avoids access to you from unwanted quarters.

Ensure that your privacy settings are tailored to meet your needs. You do not need all your information poured out making it very easy to trace you. It is equally prudent to keep updating your passwords and saving them off the internet for you to keep track.

Businesses are particularly a target for reviews that are negative. People tend to advertise experiences that were not fulfilling than the reverse. In light of this most companies have evolved with times and put in place customer care policies to curb such incidences. In the event that they do find their way to social media, a calm and sober approach is advised. Do not rash to reply.