October 5, 2016

Finding a Lawyer in Brazil

Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world today. There are millions of people moving there every year, and moving to a new country can[...]
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June 27, 2016

Was it Big Business at its Worst?

A press release dated December 2, 2004, provides an interesting overview of the legal troubles surrounding the brokerage firm Sands Brothers & Co. The corporation was not only being sued by clients, but was also losing the cases. Additionally, the corporation was believed to be engaging in questionable legal maneuvers. Allegedly Sands Brothers & Co. tried to convince those filing suit against them to settle for less than what they were legally entitled to, and it attempted to use delaying tactics in regards to the legal proceedings themselves. Furthering the fears of clients, the company also filed a broker[...]
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August 31, 2015

The Corn Case under Syngenta’s Nose

One slight mistake can really cause great damage to the entire economy and this is exactly what happened with the Syngenta case. The gross negligence in[...]
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