Smart Cars

February 3, 2017

Tesla Poaches Key Apple Employee

A key designer on the Mac team at Apple has left the corporation to work on designing electric cars at Tesla. Matt Casebolt headed the team behind the[...]
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August 15, 2016

Self-Driving Vehicles Seem Poised to Take Over Trucking

The combination of maintaining costs and a workplace shortage is one of the key reasons that the possibility of truckers being replaced by robots (in the[...]
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July 15, 2016

Alibaba to Make Its Own High-Tech Cars

It’s not only Tesla that seeks to become a leader in driver-less cars. Google is also testing its own designs. And now, there is another player entering[...]
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July 14, 2016

Big Automakers in a New High-Tech Race

Detroit has got a new competition. It’s not the one coming from Japan, South Korea or Germany. It comes from Silicon Valley. Now, Detroit automakers[...]
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