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The Ever Changing Facebook

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It can be difficult to keep the creative genius going when your company has been around for such a long time. That is the dilemma that Bill Gates faced with Microsoft. That is the same thing that Mark Zuckerberg is facing now with Facebook. He has been making changes for years for years to lure new members and keep the old members happy.


Currently the addition of headlines for context is most recent change the people are seeing with Facebook right now. It is these type of small incremental tweaks that people can continue to expect with Facebook. This is the type of social media giant that has continued to spark change for people that are interested in seeing something new. There are so many social media sites out there. Zuckerberg and his team have a lot to consider. That is the main reason why there are so many people that are going to embrace the changes like Facebook live. That was a future that would sort of duplicate some of the creativity that started Snapchat. It has become rather obvious that the tech world is fickle with constant change. That is why Facebook is trying to stay abreast of the technology that is out there. Zuckerberg doesn’t want to mess up what has already gained the attention of a billion users, but he doesn’t want to stay stagnant either.


It is going to be interesting to see how Facebook lines up against the other websites that are currently on the market. There are no limitations to what Mark and his team can do because he has the money to afford all of the innovation that he desires. This is the great thing about become so successful in the social media world. People are going to give their feedback right away, and that allows Zuckerberg to go back to the drawing board. The Facebook website and app are going to be around. There are too many people with too much interest invested in their pages. That is why the website will be around for a while. Zuckerberg has worked hard to stay relevant. People are going to look at what this website has to offer, and they are going to appreciate the innovation.

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Zuckerberg Denies that Facebook Influenced Election

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During the past week, many people in the United States and the rest of the world were shocked to learn that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. While Hillary Clinton seemed to be the very likely candidate due to most people’s projections, Trump ended up winning the most important swing states and the electoral college. While many are very confused as to how he ended up winning, one popular theory is that Facebook inadvertently had an impact on the election results.


According to a recent news article ( Facebook users were inundated over the election cycle with fake news articles that went viral and could have had a negative impact on the Clinton campaign. The articles ranged from saying that prominent individual endorsed Trump to made up scandals involving the Clintons. Ultimately, all of these articles were debunked and proved to be false, but still left a lasting impact on the minds of voters. Due to these articles, many are beginning to believe that they could have had a significant impact on the ultimate results of the election.


While this is a theory with some people, the top officials of Facebook have repeatedly stated that this could not be the case and that the social networking site was not responsible for the election results. CEO Mark Zuckerberg went as far as saying that the theory was crazy. While the theories do exist, it does come as a surprise to many people as the website was previously criticized for making it challenging for the Republican Party to promote itself. The website had been rumored to have spent some time and effort trying to prevent conservative stories from trending and becoming viral on the website.


Trump and Zuckerberg had also had some public disputes. Earlier this year Trump had taken exception to the efforts of the Facebook CEO trying to change immigration rules. While the Facebook CEO viewed it as a chance to bring more talent in the USA, Trump stated that the plan would take away opportunities from US citizens.


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Salesforce Backs Away from Twitter

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Along with Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram, Twitter is widely considered to be one of the most popular social networks. The social networking site is used by hundreds of millions of people, businesses, and organizations on a daily basis to make short messages, which has revolutionized the marketing industry. Due to its popularity and influence on the tech world, many people were surprised when the opportunity to buy Twitter opened up to the general public.

After Twitter announced its intent to sell, several major companies showed interest to buy the company and made very hefty bids. Some of the companies that were rumored to want to buy the company included Google and Salesforce. According to a recent news article (, this interest may now be reducing considerably.

Last week, shares of stock for Twitter went up over 33% in just a few days after it sounded like they were coming to agreement with Salesforce for a sale of the company. The sales price seemed like a great offer, which some considered to be more than the company was worth. Salesforce initially considered the offer price as it would give them another avenue of business and greatly increase their visibility in the online world.

While the offer price appeared to be great for Twitter and its shareholders, those that are invested in Salesforce began to show concern. While shares of Twitter went up a lot, shares of Salesforce went down. Now, due to their declining stock price, Salesforce seems to have lost a lot of the interest that they once had. The company is reportedly still interested in buying Twitter, but will want a serious reduction in sales price and will likely be spending quite a bit longer to complete their diligence on the company before making any formalized decisions to move forward. Because of this news, shares of Twitter are beginning to drop once again as investors fear that the sale will not be taking place in the same timeframe as they once thought.