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Newly Rebooted CEDC In Newark Ready To Open

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The city of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), formerly know as Brick City Development Corporation, is reopening in a week. The corporation has undergone a complete overhaul with new staff members, new board of directors and new attitude.

The corporation was set up in 2007 to bring economic development to the city of Newark. This is achieved by organizing ways to attract and enhance businesses to the neighborhood. The city of Newark is the sole client of the CEDC. The corporation has partnered with the Economic Housing and Development Agency to generate jobs and create more opportunity for the city. writes that to help implement city initiatives, the city has hired Baltimore financial manager Kevin Seawright. For over 13 years, Seawright has worked at various state and federal agencies within the city of Baltimore. He has a proven track record, and while holding the position of financial director for the city’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, his newly-installed accounting system saved the city thousands of dollars.

Seawright also held financial positions at Baltimore’s Housing Authority, the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Department of Recreation and Parks. According to Seawright, he developed a particular insight into finance while working for Tito Contractors in Washington, D.C. CEDC board of directors are positive that Seawright’s long and distinguished track record will help bring positive change to Newark.

The complete rebooting of the organization is what the city hopes will be the catalyst to furthering the CEDC vision. The drop in minority owned businesses is also a concern of the CEDC. New initiatives are also being formatted to help minorities give back to their community.

The CEDC is enacting other initiatives to help potential business owners secure funding. The foundation offers grants, marketing strategies and financial counseling services. Larger scale projects are given special attention including help with tax credits and exemptions.

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The Rise Of Flavio Maluf At Eucatex Group

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Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian Entrepreneur and the President of Eucatex Group. He is also the president of GrandFood Group. GrandFood Group is known for feed brands such as Golden and Pet.

Flavio Maluf is the eldest son of the renowned politician Paulo Maluf. He was born in December 2nd, 1961. Due to his interest in the manufacturing business that had been started by his father, he enrolled for a mechanical engineering degree at FAAP. He graduated from the FAAP and moved to New York City for one year to study administration at New York University.

Mr. Maluf moved back to Brazil after graduating from New York University to work in his father’s company, Eucatex Group, in 1987. His 27 years in the group has seen rapid expansions with a number of new products being introduced into the market. He has worked in various areas of the company. He started working in the trade area before moving to the industrial area. He left the industrial area in 1996 when his uncle appointed him to an executive position in the group. He succeeded his uncle as the president of the group one year later. He has been the president ever since.
As the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has worked hard to ensure that the group continues to expand and dominate various sectors of Brazil’s economy. He has achieved this through creation of new products and modernization of existing Eucatex facilities. New products and modernization of facilities has also enabled the company to increase its profitability and effectively fight competitions.

Eucatex was founded by Paulo Maluf in 1951. Its first factory was opened three years later in Salto. The factory, Unit Panels, was the first Brazilian company to use eucalyptus as raw material for sheet and panels productions. The group diversified its business to include furniture products for civil construction industries and furniture manufacturers. The newest factory owned by the group is located in Salto.

Flavio Maluf’s experience in management has been vital to the success of the group. Having been in different areas of the group, he deeply understands its operation. His engineering and administrative background has also helped him steer Eucatex Group to success.

Flavio Maluf married his wife, Lourdes Torres Coutinho, in 1986. They have three children aged 22, 19 and 15 years. His daughter graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from London. The son has administration companies while his youngest child is currently doing engineering in England.

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Aspire To Do Great: Shaq And Boraie Development’s Ideals

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One of the highlights of New Brunswick’s new building projects has been a luxury apartment complex called the Aspire. This building has just about everything a tenant could hope for in amenities and recreational activities and the leasing office for it opened just this last spring. This apartment building is a beauty to behold and is one of the latest crown jewels in the Boraie Development LLC portfolio. The construction of this ritzy building is part of the Newark city renaissance, a plan put forward by the counsel and chief development contractors to attract major businesses and high income people back to the city. And indeed, many including the Boraies are pleased with the overall direction that things are going in New Brunswick.

And who else is leading the charge in this movement? None other than former NBA superstar Shaquile O’Neal, a 19-year player who was a part of many championship runs. But he considers Newark as his home, and his role in the rebuilding plan? He is hosting a 3 on 3 basketball tournament that’s already gotten underway, and through this tournament he hopes to raise money as well as awareness and belief that the city can rise up. Shaq has also done other projects in conjunction with the Boraie Development that have led to sections of his old neighborhoods being turned into good residential units and thriving businesses.

The Boraie Development has been one of New Jersey’s most prominent builders over the last 30 years, since getting started in the late 70s and early 80s. Although Omar Boraie, the head of the company has taken the lead on many of the New Brunswick renovations, he credits the firm of Johnson & Johnson for remaining committed to the growth of the city and giving him the opportunity to build in it. Omar was often thought to be a bit reckless in his building investments with other developers thinking that no undertaking could ever bring a ghost town back to life. But indeed Omar proved them wrong, and after the Boraie LLC office building went up, the rest of the block soon followed with apartments, commercial spaces and parking garages sprouting up. Restaurants, clubs and other businesses soon moved into this renovated territory and New Brunswick was a place to be sought after. The Boraie family continue to plan out major developments in New Jersey, and one will be following soon on the heels of the Aspire.

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Helpful Tips for Investment Beginners

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Do you desire to multiply your current earnings? Are you willing to invest, but don’t know where to start? You can relax as this article covers some of the helpful tips that will set the ground for your success. A lot of people think that investing is a get-rich-quick scheme. However, this is not the case. Investing is a learning curve. But the rewards far outweigh the efforts required. These tips include:

Start now

There is never an age limit to when you can start investing. You may face some ups and downs, but you’ll be far much better compared to someone who starts investing in their late thirties. Additionally, someone who begins investing at an early age will get more returns because of compounding rates.

Talk to someone who has investment knowledge

Finding a mentor is a great way to start your investment journey. It could be your bank or even an older relative who has had immense experience in the investment field. An experienced mentor will explain to you all that is required and also list the pros and cons associated with investments. This will help you make the right decisions and avoid common pitfalls experienced by those who go into investments without doing a proper research.

Start with what you are familiar with

The best way to get started in the investment market is to buy things that you are familiar with and have ample knowledge about. If you know how iPads and iPhones work, then you are better suited buying apple shares. On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable about Starbucks coffee and operations, you can buy the Starbucks shares. Trading in what you know puts you in a better position to know when to buy and when to sell.


A lot of people when they begin to invest often don’t have much money. This means that if they happen to buy just one stock and the individual stock happen to go down, then they lose all their money. That is why diversification is important. You can either buy a no-load mutual fund or the exchange-traded fund, commonly known as the ETF. An ETF operated like a stock, but in real sense it’s a tracking index according to Reuters anyway.

Recently, Brad Reifler introduced the Forefront Income Trust. This investment program caters to non-accredited investors and it’s one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio. The trust helps you increase your savings with a little risk through specialty finance opportunities.

Go for the dollar cost averaging

Deciding on the dollar amount you are willing to invest is the first step. It could be $50-$200 a month. Investing in your no-load mutual fund or an ETF is the next step. This means that when the market goes down, your dollars will buy you more shares and when the market is up, the dollars will buy you lesser shares. In the end, you will have acquired more shares than you began with and this translates to more money over time.

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United States Spinal Surgery Centers

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Back pain, a common ailment that has plagued every man, woman, and child on the face of this planet at some point in their life. It’s uncomfortable, nagging, and quite disruptive for those with a busy schedule. However, most sufferers can pop a pill, get a massage, or use a bit of heat to sooth their throbbing back, but there are some who cannot rid themselves of that persistent, painful, ache. It is for the latter tortured souls that spinal surgery centers were created. These specialized clinics are generous in number, but some that are worth the extra attention seem to be found in the United States.

One clinic in particular which deserves a double take is known as the Mayo Clinic. It’s a non-profit organization that is said to be one of the world’s leaders in health care, research, and education. Though the Mayo Clinic provides a diverse list of services to people from every walk of life, they also have an extensive list of services pertaining to spinal surgery. Throughout the several facilities spread out across the states, doctors are willing and able to extinguish debilitating back pain. Whether it’s by replacing a few vertebrae or taking care of a frightening tumor, members of the Mayo Clinic are dedicated to giving their patients a happy, healthy life.

Another contributor in the fight against more than meddlesome back problems is North American Spine. The individuals of North American Spine understand how chronic back pain interferes with someone’s life. They also understand how important it is for those interested in spinal recovery to make the right decision according to the severity of their back problems. Individuals seeking help for their constant discomfort from this particular institution will be given the best health care that North American Spine can offer and will not be rushed into any major surgery right off the bat. Unless warranted after diagnosis and testing, patients will begin slowly with treatments, and work their way up to more intense forms of pain alleviation–such as open back surgery. Their holistic approach to curing what ails their patients is a notable and often effective route to a life without continuous visits to the doctor’s office.

Next up on the list of spinal surgery centers is The Southeastern Spine Institute located in the beautiful state of South Carolina. This facility uses state of the art equipment to diagnose and treat those with spinal related issues. The Southeastern Spine Institute has an in-house Pharmacy and Physical Therapy Center along with several non-surgical treatment rooms. Patients are not limited to a select amount of treatment options and plenty of information is given in regard to each procedure and the institute itself. Back pain is hassle enough without confusing explanations that only someone with a doctorate would understand. Leave the technical mumbo jumbo to the professionals.

So, the world may have a kaleidoscope of spinal surgery centers, but the ones that should come into consideration whilst in the United States are the Mayo Clinic, North American Spine, and The Southeastern Spine Institute. Their know how and determination to relieve those with chronic back pain is proof that a life without pain killers is only an office visit away.

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OrganoGold: The Next Big Thing in Health Food

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What is OrganoGold?
Have you heard of OrganoGold? It is the new nutraceutical company taking the world by storm. OrganoGold is combining one of the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine with a variety of delicious coffee flavors and nutraceutical products. On top of a great health product, OrganoGold also offers a great business opportunity in network marketing for those that are self-starters, and willing to do great work.

How did OrganoGold get started?
OrganoGold didn’t start out as the worldwide marketing empire it has become today when it was founded in Richmond, British Columbia in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. OrganoGold can be found in 44 countries on all 6 inhabited continents. This amazing growth is all thanks to the hard work and effort of the Filipino network marketing maven and founder of OrganoGold, Mr. Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua recognized the earning potential for this secret of Chinese medicine while working in the Philippines, before he chose to move to North America and start OrganoGold. From there, through his effort and experience, the company grew at a rapid pace to the company offering a superior product that it is today.

What does OrganoGold offer?
Quite simply, OrganoGold offers a secret herb of traditional Chinese medicine the mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidium. This mushroom has been known to the Chinese for thousands of years as one of the most potent herbs in all of Asian medicine. OrganoGold offers potent, organic Ganoderma grown in China on one of the largest farms for the Ganoderma in the world. OrganoGold’s most popular offering is their delicious Ganoderma infused premium coffee, where dried Ganoderma is added to the coffee as a fine powder. The coffee is offered in either traditionally ground coffee or in single serve cups compatible with popular single serve coffee makers. OrganoGold also offers a number of Ganoderma infused personal care products such as G3 Beauty Soap and the Ganoderma enhanced toothpaste, OG smile. Additionally, OrganoGold offers a number of nutraceutical products derived from Ganoderma lucidium, from caplets containing whole ground mushroom to the mycelium of the Ganoderma and even the spore powder. OrganoGold offers a unique opportunity to increase your own personal wealth, and the health of yourself and others by harnessing the potent power of this amazing mushroom. So consider trying Ganoderma with OrganoGold, and see what it can do for you.

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You’re Online Business Value.

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The internet and online platform has opened up our world beyond any realm one would have imagined in the last century. Now it is possible to make a virtual visit across the globe right from your electronic device. This has provided a great interface for interaction and growth in all spheres in our lives.

Not all good however comes without hurdles. With the sea of information accessible in the internet, it simply means one can find as much good and equally as much bad. This then begs the question how doe some keep good profile on the internet. This is especially a matter business and high profile individuals would hold close to their hearts. In the event that a bad picture is painted out there, how does one mitigate the effects of it, on one’s personal life, business, family and even career?

One brilliant internet guru and famous self made online reputation specialist Darius Fisher has structured solutions to this seemingly emerging problem that has been underestimated. He runs the status lab which specializes in maintaining highly reputable images online as well as offers a ’clean up’ service to turn around ones image.
A good starting point would be to find out your own personal reputation. What does Google say about you? How much is out there about you? Are you offering too much personal information that could be used against you? Fisher advises the principle of giving as little personal information about yourself as possible, Limit and provide sheers from direct contact with yourself. A useful measure would be registering your company or website under a business name and use company emails. This shields you from direct contact and avoids access to you from unwanted quarters.

Ensure that your privacy settings are tailored to meet your needs. You do not need all your information poured out making it very easy to trace you. It is equally prudent to keep updating your passwords and saving them off the internet for you to keep track.

Businesses are particularly a target for reviews that are negative. People tend to advertise experiences that were not fulfilling than the reverse. In light of this most companies have evolved with times and put in place customer care policies to curb such incidences. In the event that they do find their way to social media, a calm and sober approach is advised. Do not rash to reply.


Let North American Spine Evaluate Your Back Pain

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Anyone who’s ever woken up with pain in their back may have an understanding of what it feels like to have back pain. Although it may be painful sleeping incorrectly on your back, it’s nothing compared to some of the pain that people are feeling on a daily basis because of their back. Some may have back pain that has nothing to do with how they slept at night, but the back pain stems from something deep in the back. Maybe it’s the muscles in the back area, or it could be the nerves, or it could be the tissue in the back that is causing excessive pain.

No matter where the pain stems from in the back area, and it can be detrimental to the person suffering from it. It’s possible for the person to have back pain so bad that they will have to miss work for the day or for several days. Back pain has been noted as the number one reason why people call out from work sick. Maybe they hurt their back while working, or for some reason their back is in enough pain to where they can’t go to work for the day. Some employers will take back pain as an excuse, but the fact is that many people do have back problems that are a serious issue. Those who have back pain and the pain has become chronic, it may be time to seek a professional to help cure the pain.

North American Spine reviews show that the facilities have many professionals available on site, and they are there specifically to help those with pain. Even if the pain has yet to become chronic, if it’s been going on every single day without ceasing, then a professional is needed to do an evaluation. Once the pain has been evaluated and the doctor decides what the next course of action is, more than likely it will be necessary for the patient to receive surgery.

The AccuraScope procedure is a surgery that’s available at North American Spine, and its minimally invasive. With the small incision that’s used to insert the AccuraScope into the back area, it makes it easy to go in and diagnose the problem as well as fixing the problem. The procedure can take under an hour, and the person will be able to go home after the procedure has been performed. There’s no long hospital stay, and the healing process will be in the person’s home.

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Meet Alexei Beltyukov Dream Maker

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Alexei Beltyukov. Many people may not know his name now, but they will soon. Born in Russia, Beltyukov has made a personal investment in helping people succeed ho are starting their own businesses. He know how hard it is to have a dream of owning a business, but not knowing how to finance or where to look for financing.

It’s why Beltyukov started Endemic Capital. The company is a resource for individuals in Russia who want to start their own businesses and need funding. By providing money to these start-ups, he is fulfilling his vision of making Russians successful by helping them fund small businesses.

Beltyukov Wants to Help More People throughout the World
Beltyukov wants to go beyond helping people start businesses. In fact, he’s serious about helping people across the globe. He recently launched an entrepreneurial endeavor called SOLVY, which he launched at the Educator Day at EdSurge’s tech conference in April 2015 in Los Angeles.

The software is aimed at high school teachers and students. The software takes a new approach to helping math students learn and retain math. Based on research Beltyukov and his company conducted, SOLVY doesn’t use multiple choice questions to teach students about math. Instead, it focuses on having math students explain their answers to their teachers using the software.

Another approach to math education SOLVY takes that other math education software doesn’t is the real-world approach. Beltyukov understands that math doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom. They are adding, subtracting and figuring Algebra problems when they go to the store or play a videogame. It’s why he incorporated real-world problems into SOLVY. Math students learn how to solve real-world math problems using his education software.

SOLVY was actually named one of the world’s most promising startups by It was also mentioned as one of the 100 new start-ups today by BetaList.

Beltyukov has always been a proponent of education. Through entrepreneurship he’s tried to further the education goals of many people. For instance, he’s donated money to his undergraduate schools to help students who want to attend fulfill their dreams.

Beltyukov Dreams about Helping Others Fulfill their Dreams

He’s done an enormous amount of philanthropic work too. He’s invested in helping others fulfill their dreams. It doesn’t matter if he’s funding scholarships, helping students learn math or assisting business owners in starting companies, Beltyukov just wants to help people. He cares a lot about people. Not too many individuals would take the time out of their lives to ensure others—strangers—succeeded in fulfilling their dreams. Beltyukov does. He will. It’s his personal mission in life.

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How To Find A Reliable Lawyer In Brazil When You Need One

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Are you looking for a good lawyer that provides quality service in Brazil? If you want the best possible no matter the issue you’re dealing with, it is extremely important that you hire a reputable lawyer. A competent lawyer in Brazil will ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the best possible outcome.

Lawyers help people handle a variety of legal issues. If you are facing a legal problem or if you are simply seeking advice on legal matters in Brazil, you need to hire a lawyer assistance. Finding a lawyer is not difficult but finding the right lawyer for your particular situation requires a bit of research on your part. There are many lawyers out there providing a variety of services but it is imperative that you choose someone who has expertise in the area of law you need help with.

If you need help with a business matter in Brazil, then look for someone who specializes in business law practice. Make sure the lawyer you are considering is experienced in the type of case you need help with. Take the time to perform background investigation on the lawyer or the law firm that the lawyer works with, and read reviews posted by people who have hired that lawyer.

If you are looking for a business law practitioner, one place to start is your colleagues. Ask if they have hired a lawyer in Brazil to help them with business related issues or business litigation. This can be a great way to find a good lawyer for business matters.

Some people rely on the recommendation of friends or family who have had experience dealing with lawyers in Brazil. You may want to talk to your relatives and friends, to find out if they know a good lawyer in Brazil who can provide you with the type of service you are seeking.

Once you have a few recommendations, make sure you visit the lawyer’s website and browse around. Find out the kind of credentials and licenses the lawyer has, and how long he or she has been in practice. By spending some time on the website and learning more about his or her practice areas, you will be able to know if the lawyer is the right one for your case.

Ricardo Tosto is a competent lawyer, and one of the best business law litigators in Brazil. He has made a great name for himself due to his unique and powerful approach to litigation. Ricardo Tosto has represented a number of top corporations and multinational companies, as well as important figures. He is well known for achieving high success rate in his practice, and currently runs some of the best law firms in Brazil.