Infinity Group’s ridiculous success rate is due to a lot more than just hands on service. Although the company received 2018’s Customer Experience Management Magazine’s “Overall Best Organization CX” award, it is more than just their genuine care about clients that has made them Australia’s fastest growing money manager. It is the unorthodox methods they use to aid clients eliminate debt. Unorthodox measures created by a man who truly knows what he is doing, founder Graeme Holm.


Graeme Holm was a successful finance broker in his previous life. He served Big Four banks for around ten years, with an extra seven thrown in the general finance market. His desire to help debt-buried clients grew during this tenure, founded by his observations of how little support such clients received. This is why Infinity Group goes father than other money managers, they do not just create a plan they implement it. They offer constant support, check-ins, incentives, and services to keep clients on track. This allows clients more freedom to enjoy themselves and less time worrying.


Infinity Group also deals exclusively in cash. They allocate a certain amount of cash for periodic expenses. Anything exceeding that simply cannot be bought. This checks and balances system is vital in the rebuilding of client finances. Cash is more dependable, easier to track, allows clients to spend more responsibly, and avoid building up credit card debt. Switching to cash is a very different approach, but Holm wants to provide actionable strategies. Ones that actually facilitate change. This is why on average Infinity Group customers cut down $41,000 of debt in a year, and 100% of home loaners are able to pay their loans back significantly in three months.


Holm attributes the style to being a personal trainer. Personal trainers push their clients to make significant improvements in their physique, working with them closely to ensure the change happens. Infinity Group does the same thing, sticking with clients to witness the changes personally. They also assist clients in building wealth after they have eliminated debt. Infinity Group does not just want to teach clients to walk, they want them to eventually be able to run. Learn more :