This is about an interview where the founder of Infinity Group Australia talked about the organization’s operations to help the people of Australia. The founder of the organization, Graeme Holm was told to talk the difference that is there between his company and a traditional broker. He said that the first thing is that they approach the matter in a different manner. They do a fact-finding about the household expenditure and their needs which are not just the wants and ensure they have attained extensive details. They have to work with their clients with multiple meetings so that they be able to understand, assist and then fine-tune their clients to implement a weekly budget to cater for their necessities like weekly groceries, travel expenses, fuel, and entertainment.


This is after the application has been approved and the loan settled then that is the end of a traditional broker but in Infinity Group Australia, their jobs start. The organization’s clients have allocated personal bankers so that they can be able to clear their loans as fast as possible. Among the greatest achievements in the year was the reduction of $96,271 for a period of 12 months from a certain couple which had a young family.


The group will also provide a monthly performance report to all the clients that will enable them to ascertain whether to make some adjustments to their family expenditure budget or maybe they are still performing in the line with goals of their expectations. The company is also able to provide its clients with a detailed review of six months so that there be assurance of success and an absolute commitment that will help in reducing the mortgage.


He also responded to a question which asked about the consumer that is attracted to their services. So far, the company has not come across a client that they cant help to fulfill his/her needs. They have a wide range of clients that they have been helping. He gave an example of the athlete known as Paul Gallen. Another client they have been able to assist to purchase a second investment property is a navy officer aged 22 years.


The company has this concept of using a debit card so that the client can be able to control their expenditures. When Graeme talked about it, he said that when you are paying something cash, you are therefore not buying it. At infinity, they are able to give each and every dollar in the presence a purpose and then focus to teach the difference that exists between having a need and a want and still keeps the accountable to goals.


Graeme has an experience of more than 17 years dealing with financial service sectors. So that he could start the company, it was a frustration from the poor deals that most families are offered by the finance giving institution directly. Learn more: