Marc Beer has more than two decades in the developments and also commercialization experience in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, and devices as well. He co-founded Renovia together with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias in August 2016. They have succeeded to close Series A financing with some of the global leading healthcare venture firms.


Merc Beer has a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry and before joining Renovia, used to work as the Chief Executive Officer of another pharmaceutical company. The company is aimed at the development of innovative and better treatment therapies for its clients across the entire globe. They are mostly focused on helping patients suffering from rare, debilitating illnesses.


Mark was a great leader, and by 2010, the company was already public. Their first product was able to be approved by the United States Food and Drugs Administration. That was in December 2012. JUXTAPID was the name of the product, and under his leadership, it was able to obtain approvals in more than 35 countries across the globe. This was a big step towards the realization of the company’s goals as well as excellent marketing strategies applied under the leadership of Marc Beer. Their second product was called MYALEPT which was the second product and was also approved in the country for a rare disease called Lipodystrophy. The company’s director oversaw all these achievements.


Marc Beer also acted as the founding Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell in April 2010. The company also was a biotech company that specialized in the preservation, collection as well as development of the Umbilical cords blood stem cell. He was able to manage the company for seven active years whereby he was able to achieve tremendous results in his career. The company also went public in 2005 and had already acquired a workforce of more than 300 employees. Later in 2007, the company was acquired by PerkinElmer.


During his tenure as the CEO of ViaCell, Mark Beer also worked and served as an active member of the board of directors of Erynteck Pharma. The company was already a public limited company specializing in the biopharmaceutical industry. Before joining ViaCell, the business guru also worked at Genzyme where he served various positions at the company. The last job and the topmost was the Vice president of Global Marketing.


Mark Beer has also served as the sales and marketing positions at Abbott Laboratories. Mark has also served as a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Massachusetts Common Wealth. Mark has also helped the Good Start Genetics as the chair of the board as well as serving on the compensation committee of the company. Mark is also an alumnus of the Miami University where he studies bachelors of Science. Learn more :