Aloha construction is well known for roofing, shingles, and siding. Besides these being their main specialties, the company also does interior design. Together with their partner firm, Aloha Restoration Co., the company provides basement finishing services, remodeling services and water and fire damage restoration. They received a Better Business Bureau award in 2017 for their marketplace ethics. Here are some interior design tips to consider from Aloha Construction.


Pick the right furniture


One of the essential tips from the company is selecting the right furniture. It is important not necessarily to follow a particular theme. You need to find a balance to ensure you bring about a sense of style and comfort. It is also vital to be cautious not to have too much furniture in one room. On paper, overcrowding your rooms with furniture may look good, but in the real sense, it isn’t.


Do the painting last


Aloha construction’s biggest tip when it comes to painting your house is to do it last. Choose and buy all your furniture, seating, rugs and d├ęcor before painting your home. It would be a massive loss if you changed your mind about the color you want. Besides, you need to ensure that the color you choose brings out the feeling you’re looking for. For instance, greens, grays, and most shades of blue are common since they easily match with lots of other color palettes. If you decide to go for bold and bright colors like yellow, orange or red, use them in moderation as a statement wall or a backlash instead of whole rooms.


Be unique with your flooring


Right flooring plays a vital role in the ambiance, feel and look of a home. Innovations in interior design have made it possible to not only consider tiles as flooring materials but also hardwood, carpets, vinyl and many other options depending on your budget, lifestyle and the amount of pressure your floor will endure. Aloha construction recommends homeowners to do in-depth research and choose the flooring material that perfectly fits their home and style best.


Interior design is as important as maintaining your house’s exterior. These flooring, furniture and paint tips from Aloha Construction are essential, and you should consider them in your future interior design projects