Birth of a Company

Talos Energy is an independent energy company that has been around moving and shaking the industry since 2012. The energy sector is not an easy one to be a part of these days. Gas and oil especially has been under increasing scrutiny and pressure from political departments and policies. Despite all that, Talos Energy continues to build their brand name and thrive, coming up with new and innovative energy solutions to combat the rising cost of oil and gas.

The main goal of Talos Energy is to seek out new deposits of hydrocarbons off the shore of Mexico. This is a region that has a lot of potential, and a new hydrocarbon source would be a great step in the right direction for reducing the increasing costs of gas and oil.

The problem with rising gas prices is that the entire economy is reliant upon these prices. Whether it is the transportation, agriculture, or even technology sector, all of them are influenced by gas prices. Farms need tractors to grow their crops, and trucks to transport them. If the gas costs increase, these costs fall to the farmer, which must pass it on to the daily consumer. That is how the entire economy is affected by the gas and oil industries.


It is for this reason that Talos is so dedicated to their job. They know how many people rely on them to find new gas sources and continue to help the economy. To help them out, Talos has partnered with Apollo Global Management, and Riverstone Holdings. The purpose of this partnership is to buy as many land assets as possible on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. This is premiere space for exploration of new hydrocarbon sources, and could be crucial in the future health of the U.S. economy.

Talos already has over 10.2 million acres to explore. Expanding on this will help them to find new opportunities. Talos is working hard for the economy, even offering investment opportunities in the gas and oil space so that everyone can thrive together, as a nation.

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