If you have not heard of Virgin phones or planes, you may have been living under a rock for awhile. Now, Richard Branson wants people to travel to space on the regular. He is in the midst of test flights that have been successful in both gliding and propulsion tests. The VSS Unity is the name of the space plane that is being tested, and so far this ship is surpassing all tests. A couple of days ago the Unity took its second test flight in the Mojave Desert. It is designed to drop launch from under the wing of the White Knight Two a “mother” ship that carries the Unity to a proper altitude for it to achieve launch.


The White Night Two released the Unity at a hieght of 46,500 feet. The Unity’s engines burned for approximately 31 seconds achieving a speed of Mach. 1.9 nearly 22 miles apart from the Earth’s surface. So, what does all this mean? Well that Richard Branson has an incredible anmount of money to throw at the particular venture and that he is on a real time table to see travel to space possible. Mr. Branson believes that he can achieve this in just months, not years. If the Unity’s test flights become more successful and actually achieve the goal of traveling to space, Branson is ready to take people’s money. The cost of a ticket? $250,000 per person to be flown to the edge os space, experience several minutes of weightlessness and then fly back home.


I understand that Mr. Branson is extremely successful and has obviously worked hard for what he has, but to look at the world as it is now and decide that what we, as a large consumer population, is extremely expensive space travel that a very few percentage of people can afford. What we truly need are individuals willing ro make a change in those people’s lives who are working their hardest to provide for themselves and their familes. I believe that some pwople, such as Mr. Branson will never see a need because they have no needs.