It is not often that you hear about a successful million-dollar-man that is willing to give back to his community, but that is what you get with James Dondero. James began his rise to success when he attended the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce to study accounting and finances, to which he earned a Bachelor of Science degree for both fields. Read this article at JP Morgan Chase & Company would offer James his first position in the world of finance; It wouldn’t take long for him to create the financial training program that would land him his dream job with American Express in 1985. James was responsible for the management of over one billion dollars in fixed income funds for clients of American Express, and he did this with great success until his career took another step forward in 1989. Protective Life would offer James the role of Chief Investment Officer for their GIC Subsidiary, and he gladly accepted the position. Read more about James at Crunchbase. Now, what was once an idea between colleagues, is a two billion dollar success story, thanks to the guidance and expertise of James Dondero. James would move one step further still and co-found Highland Capital Management with a team of talented alternative credit managers. Mr. Dondero was not satisfied with earning his millions and establishing an incredibly successful investment firm; he knew that he wanted to do more for the city of Dallas and the community he loves so much. Therefore, three million dollars is set aside in Highland Capital Management’s budget every fiscal year, so that the company can support the many philanthropic ventures in Dallas. One of the more recent examples of the giving nature of the team at Highland Capital Management is the one million dollar contribution to the fourteen million dollars needed by the Dallas Zoo; James Dondero was able to rally several other philanthropists in the city to come up with the remaining thirteen million. Now, nearly two decades after the habitat was closed in 2001; the Zoo has reopened the Outpost, a brand new hippopotamus enclosure that is home to two young hippo’s that the staff hopes will mate and support the dying population of the endangered species.