James River Capital has a mission in the competitive market. This organization, established by Paul Saunders, wants leaders in most companies to have the best qualities so that they can make their companies successful. Paul Saunders is highly experienced in leadership, and his advice has been able to assist millions of people from all over. According to James River Capital, leadership can be considered to be a science and at the same time an art that should be studied carefully. To become a great and experienced leader, an individual has to put in so many skills and also manage his team effectively so that they can achieve the business goal. There are many experts who have conducted studies and invested their time in understand the strategies that can be used to determine a great leader. Paul Saunders and his company believe that using these three approaches will take the leadership in better heights.


Encourage your team and encourage escalation


Paul Saunders and his company took time to conduct a study just recently, and they were able to come up with a very shocking discovery. Eighty-five percent of the people working for companies do not give critical feedback to their management because they have some fear. Most of them have been made to believe that giving information out will bring them trouble in the workplace. Companies that have no effective communication channels have failed in bringing innovation, engagements and even collaboration among the workers. Your employees must be comfortable when sharing information with you, and you must create an environment where everyone can communicate. You can create the environment by appreciating the feedback and rewarding those who are bringing it up. This way, employees will talk to you freely without any fear whenever a meeting is held.


You Should Support Your Team. Avoid Leading Them


Most people consider the work of the management team to be leadership. When Facebook was introduced into the market several years ago, it brought something new in the corporate world. Facebook leaders are known as support, and their greatest job is showing their support to the rest of the team. When you stop being a leader and focus on supporting your team, you will be happy about your outcome. This will even change how you are relating with the people in the company. Support will change the company and company at large.


All Opinions are Crucial


After speaking to your team, you will realize that they have raised different concerns. As the support of the team, take time to go through all the issues and opinions of the employees and keep them in the company projects. This will make your employees happy, and they will even be willing to share more in the future. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jamesriver_cc