Jeff Aronin was the proud winner of the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award. He was honored with this award during a gala event where he gave a speech about breaking through. This award has come after the many achievements Aronin has accomplished over the years. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and biopharmaceutical executive. Aronin believes that problems people have perceived impossible are worth solving.

This mantra drives his passion for improving people’s lives. At present, Jeff is the chairman of Paragon Biosciences LLC. This company finances the establishment of biotechnology companies, which aim at availing medicines in the market. Many people are suffering from debilitating diseases. They need drugs to improve the quality of their lives and even to cure them.

The company uses its expertise and entrepreneurial experience to get FDA approvals. Afterwards, they are able to finance and operate these companies. According to the Paragon family, patients are the priority. This determination and good will to help patients have brought breakthroughs. Through the help of health care providers and stakeholders, patients have received health care services.

Apart from the Weizmann Leadership Award, other awards include Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award in 2013, Deal of the Year in 2010 and Brain Research Foundation among other awards. These awards are very deserving to Aronin, considering the work he has done in biotechnology.

It is not just business and companies for Jeff Aronin. He is also passionate about philanthropy because he wants to give back to the community. Jeff stands with many organizations that are about improving the lives of patients. Jeff also supports education because he knows it is an agent of change (

Aronin has an MBA from DePaul University. He also has a B.S. from Northern Illinois University. Aronin has gained so much experience from entrepreneurship. Now he is lecturing at the University of Chicago Booth. He is also lecturing at Northwestern University. It is in this same institution where he completed his post-graduate coursework. Aronin is still motivated for the future. He believes that research in biotechnology will uncover new drugs to cure stubborn illnesses that are still frustrating people. In the future, many people will enjoy better healthcare (Books).