There are so many people that are suffering from rare diseases that don’t have a treatment today. So many are hanging on to the hope that just maybe there will be a medicine that will surface that will end or at least ease their pain and possibly prolong their life. Patients that have to deal with these types of diseases can feel so alone and hopeless. Well, there is a company that makes it their mission to help these patients and the name of that company is Paragon Biosciences.


What is Paragon Biosciences?

Paragon Biosciences builds companies that bring medicines to the patients with unmet needs. Their focus is to get the leaders in the healthcare industry and biotech entrepreneurs together to speed up this process. Each company is strategically built with the best possible resources (

Paragon Biosciences focuses on two very important things. First, they look for those patients and diseases that have been neglected and are not covered by existing medicine. They totally immerse themselves in the lives and needs of the patients. They want to totally understand what they need in every way possible. Then they study the science of the disease and it is Jeff Aronin’s priority. Once this is established, they make sure there is long-term capital and strategic resources in place for a solid company.


Jeff Aronin’s Mission

Jeff Aronin is the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He has made it his mission to create companies that will provide the medicine needed for patients with debilitating diseases that have lost hope and have been neglected. He is determined to find a way when it doesn’t look like there is a way.

Jeff Aronin has put together the expertise, resources, and teams to successfully obtain 13 FDA approvals for Paragon medicines in the last decade. He has experience as CEO in several global biopharmaceutical companies. Strategic and business development, finance and brand marketing are the skills that have made Mr. Aronin so successful in building these companies. He has an incredible insight on how to figure out what is needed and how to make it happen.