Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder of Unroll.Me. The company started as a small startup business between him and Josh Rosenwald with the goal of eliminating junk mail from people’s inboxes. Jojo claims that the entire concept came from his personal frustrations with his own email. They set out to create an email organization program that would be simple enough for the average individual to quickly purge their inboxes of any junk mail they didn’t need without all of the complex menus and components that their competition utilized. Read This Article to learn more.


The company wasn’t an immediate success. Both Jojo Hedaya and Josh dropped out of college to use their skills and experience to create Unroll.Me and they weren’t immediately ready to devote everything they had to doing it. So, they pushed themselves to quickly release what they could to see if people were interested in the concept. Jojo admits that the first release didn’t work too well. However, it still garnered attention from thousands of consumers and the duo pressed forward. Now, Unroll.Me is one of the leading email organization programs and Jojo is extremely grateful for the company’s success allowing him to realize his dreams of being an entrepreneur.


Jojo Hedaya recently took part in a collaborative article to provide a key tip for anyone else who wants to create a startup company. His biggest tip for entrepreneurs has to do with creating a productive culture within the company. In short, he says that if anyone wants to create a quality environment for their business, they have to lead by example. He says to come in early, have a positive attitude, and give just as much as you expect in return from your team.


In 2014, Jojo Hedaya’s small startup was aquired by Slice and added to Slice’s current list of tracking and shopping services. Jojo Hedaya has since joined on as a team member of Slice which is a subsidiary of Rakuten.


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