Jorge Moll has a rich medical field history. Jorge Moll attended the Federal University of Rio, Brazil where he obtained his Doctors of Medicine honors in Neuroscience. Dr. Moll also completed his residency in the Federal University. Dr. Jorge, from Sao Paulo University, later received his Doctorate in Philosophy honors in Pathophysiology.

Dr. Jorge had a strong passion of helping people who suffer from various conditions that affect negatively their quality of life. Currently, Dr. Jorge is a board member and president of IDOR, director of CBNU and Neuroinformatics Workgroup which is a top imaging and diagnostics laboratory. When asked on where the idea of IDOR came from, Dr. Jorge quickly points out that he had always dreamt of cultivating a world-class healthcare, education, and research center in his home country.

Jorge’s typical day entails attending many meeting which tends to cover numerous topics. Also, Jorge speaks to numerous researchers, scientists, associates, entrepreneurs, and students that stand for a variety of organizations. Meeting with various people is key to Dr. Jorge Moll as he believes it is platform for free exchange of ideas and also for collaboration. Some of the things that fascinate Dr. Moll in the modern life are cognitive systems, how brains and machines work together, and artificial intelligence. Also, Dr. Moll is keen to note that he is quite fascinated by the fresh developments in gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

As a business person, some of his success habits are being open, transparent, and skillful when dealing with his day-day- endeavors. Also, Dr. Moll advises the young people of being wary of holding plans and ideas for too long. It is necessary for young people to learn to actualize their ideas immediately or leave them and look for fresh ones as fast as possible.

Dr. Moll won the Research Fellow Award from NIH in from the year 2004 to 2007. In 2008, he was also elected as an affiliate member in the Brazilian Academy of Sciences forum. Also, from 2012 to 2013, Dr. Moll was elected in the International Neuroethics Society as a board of governor member. In 2015, Moll also got the visiting scholar award from Stanford University.