Aging is an inevitable part of life, but with the help of the 5 step Genucel treatment by Chamonix, you can reduce the signs in no time at all! One of the main active ingredients in the product line is eyeseryl, a LIPOTEC, S.A.U, registered trademark. Clinical studies that gathered volunteers to try a serum with 1% eyeseryl found that 95% of the people that used it diligently saw a big difference in under eye bags and puffiness in only two weeks time.


Seeing what a huge success the natural peptide was on these volunteers, Chamonix added double the amount used in the studies, putting 2% eyeseryl in their Genucel line of products. There are five products in the set that work together to reduce the signs of aging and roughness around the eyes and on delicate areas of the face. PhytoCellTec TM, or Malus Domestica, is a plant stem cell that is also found within the Genucel product line and is derived from a rare Swiss apple and is used to promote a younger appearance to the aged skin. Algae extract, green tea leaf extract, goji berry extract, and marine collagen are also found in the dermatologist recommended line of products.


If you are looking to smooth rough areas around your eyes, reduce the signs of fine lines on delicate areas of your face, or wish to even out the skin tone of your face, then the Genucel range of anti-aging products should definitely be added to your beauty arsenal. Check out the website to read more about each of the products that are found in the 5-piece set. The Genucel System of products includes a plant stem cell therapy serum, eyelid treatment, anti-aging treatment, immediate effect relaxoderm technology, and a dermatologist used

Cristalles microdermabrasion cream that shows results in as little as 2 minutes!