How much are a person’s Facebook data really worth? That is the question that has been asked and one man decided to see just what he was worth. When he first did this, he did so for the fact that he felt he had been giving away his data for years, so he might as well make some money off of it. This was done in large part to respond to the fact that the company had been the victim of a number of issues in which user data was compromised and sold to third parties. This breach of trust has led many users to delete their account and others such as this man to take more drastic measures with their Facebook data.


The auction was started with an opening bid of .99. what the end result price was, kind of shocked him as his Facebook data sold for a total of $400 on the auction site. He had not expected to get nearly this much for his data and yet he did. It sent a message to him and the rest of the internet that all of our data is able to be bought and sold so easily that many of us do not realize just how easily this can be done. This breach has if nothing else shown a lot of companies just how vulnerable their systems and networks are to being hacked.


We hear on a regular occurrence of a company that has been the victim of a data breach.. some of these breaches are done to steal a personal information for the purposes of identity theft. Other cases have simply for the purposes of taking the data that is harvested during a data breach and then selling it to the highest bidder. This has led to a number of companies having to incorporate a lot of stronger firewalls and other security.


Over the next several years, the number of data breaches will continue to grow and as such these will affect more and more people regularly. This will lead to more of the larger companies having to go out and take more drastic measures to prevent these breaches. Who knows, maybe a person will make the decision for them to seel their Twitter Data in the near future in order to make a point at how easy is can be done.