Mark Mofid is a famous plastic surgeon who has been successfully certified by the respective boards in his line of practice. He operates in La Jolla and San Diego. The boards responsible for his certification are American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery. His office clinic is situated in La Jolla, which is within the county of San Diego. It is fully equipped with him serving as the plastic surgeon, his wife who is a competent dermatologist, and one skillful nurse. The clinic contains a Medicare-certified surgery center linked to it and provision of laser services to the patients. Mark Mofid says that this practice encounters visits by patients every year in need of the cosmetic dermatologic and medical services. Other services provided include reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Mark Mofid was trained and tested in Johns Hopkins and Harvard Universities. He is recognized in the cosmetic medical world as an individual with so much knowledge and skills in that area. His industrial innovation skills put him in a higher position apart from the formal training and education. Mark is known for his keenness and adherence to the matters relating to the safe medical practices towards his clients. This has earned him great trust from the patients in the industry. He does not take advantage of the patients’ ability to pay for the services but ensures that they are safest before anything else. While in this industry, Mark performs various researches trying to find out how things can be accomplished and delivered in an improved manner. He uses the innovation strategy and supports it by science and thorough examinations in coming up with lasting solutions.

Mark Mofid eight years’ experience working in developing necessary surgeries. His first venture into the industry, Mark realized that there were many opportunities to improve. He did not believe in doing things the same way every time but wanted to make a change and a lasting change in the gluteal augmentation industry. Mark came up with the sufficient gluteal implants that have shifted the direction of the entire industry. Implants are now safer than before.