When JR Ridinger started Market America, he did not envision it becoming one of the major internet marketing companies in the world. His primary intention was to make entrepreneurship as well as residual income more accessible for the average-income earners. Currently, the company has leveraged products and services at an incredible pace that has transformed the lives of more than 1,000 people.

Describing The Company

Market America was established in 1992. The internet marketing firm focuses on leveraging brokerage services that foster one-to-one marketing as well as social shopping. The principal objective of this company is to offer clients a streamlined system that will help create more income; subsequently; the company provides better shopping platforms for consumers.

Utilizing Revolutionary Technology

Online marketing is affected by the popularization of modern technology; therefore, while other businesses may sideline the power of revolutionary technology, Market America does not hesitate to utilize social media platforms with the intention of expanding its horizons in service delivery. The company has an extensive social media following alongside the power of the people who need their income supplemented.

Market America’s Shopping Line

SHOP.COM has been a significant buzzword for some time. This is a leading online retailing platform for consumers across the world. The site offers more than 35 million services and products encompassing some of the world’s most famous items from leading internet retailers. Alongside SHOP.COM, Market America’s business model fuses the influence of social media and its impact on supplying the demands of the consumers.


Market America is changing people’s lives by offering employment opportunities. Centrally situated in Greensboro, NC, the company employs more than 900 people universally with other significant branches in Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. More than that, the company has accumulated retail sales alongside independent distributors who have garnered more than $2.4 billion since the inception of the company.

The Outline of Services

Through the one-to-one business model and social shopping, the company fuses internet marketing with the social media following. As such, the company is transforming the way in which people shop for their products by giving them the opportunity to become financially independent.