Matt Badiali is a professional investor who focuses on natural resources. One of these that he often writes about is the oil and gas industry. He says that his research shows that hedge funds are investing in oil and they believe a major bull run is about to commence. Last year this time the value of a barrel of oil rallied, going from $30 a barrel to $45 very quickly. People in the media were saying that a bear market appeared likely for oil as shale producers ramped up output which would flood the market and bring down the price of oil barrels.

However, oil still had plenty of room to run. It went up another 50 percent to $78 a barrel. Matt Badiali says that hedge fund managers, the “smart money” people, built their positions in the oil industry and then sold during the summer. They are now buying again which he says signals that he and his readers should also start investing in oil. He thinks oil could really another 50 percent in which case a barrel of oil would be worth $115. That number has been reached before as Brent crude traded at that number in 2014.

He says that the oil market is tight enough that a major disruption to oil supplies could easily get us to $115 a barrel. He points to pipelines in the United States that are at full capacity. He says that oil production in Venezuela has collapsed with no end in sight. Sanctions on Iran will take millions of oil barrels off the market. The biggest thing Matt Badiali has seen is Saudi Arabia putting its Aramco IPO on hold as they wait for “more favorable conditions”. That means they expect oil prices to go higher.

Matt Badiali works at Banyan Hill Publishing as their chief resource investment expert. He has been following natural resources investing for a decade and has advanced degrees in geology. His mix of education and experience make him an ideal candidate to write about natural resource investing and how to achieve great returns.

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