MB2 Dental was founded by dentists and if for dentists and patients always come first at MB2 Dental. The company is a dental practice management company and partner that is affiliated with dentists and owners of practices. MB2 Dental offers many services to its clients in order to help them to run their practices smoothly. MB2 Dental handles all the non-dentist aspects of running a dental practice so that the dentist can focus on what is the most important-the patient. The human resources area of the company works on promoting an environment that helps employee growth and advancement. This area also focuses on employee wellness and motivation that stays in-tune with the goals and strategies of the business. Human resources handles the payroll, benefits, employee relations, diversity, labor relations, safety, and security just to name a few of their responsibilities. MB2 Dental even offers a competent finance department that handles accounting and handles all aspects of administration and financial record keeping.

Credentialing is also covered. Once the dentist gives all the necessary information to MB2 Dental, they can handle all the credentialing necessary to keep the practice operating smoothly. Compliance is another important job that they take care of. They provide all of their affiliated offices with a complete approach to any and all compliance matters. MB2 University, also known as MB2U, gives employees and practices the necessary knowledge needed to work and to achieve success in the workforce. The University was specifically created in order to prepare dental employees wit

h the needed tools so that they could reach their full potential and complete the necessary tasks that are required of them at their job. The better prepared and schooled that employees of a dental office are, the more efficient they will be at their job, and that keeps the dental office running smoothly.

Marketing is another important task that is covered. MB2 will help to grow the brand of a dentist office and will even customize marketing plans. They will provide the best price for great marketing and advertising services. They will even take care of IT services including maintenance plans, hardware installations and upgrades, data management, cloud network solutions, and telecom/data services, just to name just a few. MB2 Dental will take on the burden of all the behind the scenes tasks and will ensure that the dentist’s office runs the way that it should-smoothly and flawlessly.