Michael J Burwell (“Mike”) has more than 31 years of managerial experience in the field of finance. His expert skills were evident at PricewaterhouseCooper (“PwC”) where he held many leadership roles. Mike held titles like Chief Operating Office for U.S. business practices, Chief Financial Officer, Division Vice Chairman, Partner, Central Region Head, et.al. Adding to his background career, Mike has over 11 years of experience in auditing and as an experienced advisor in company valuations and mergers.


Michael was a leading figure in the PwC’s Transactions Services group where he worked in mergers and acquisitions in the automotive industry. He represented PwC as chairman of an automotive suppliers’ conference. Michael Burwell also led an awards team of industry experts that recognized global manufacturers, suppliers, and U.S. retailers whose shareholder returns matched the index set by PwC.


As a PwC partner in the company’s Detroit division involving service practice transactions, Mike Burwell excelled in their buying and selling markets, private equity funds, and analyzing profitability systems in both large and small private companies as well as a variety of industries worldwide. With Mike’s PwC automotive managerial skills, he was often asked to be a guest speaker at global conferences to talk about mergers and acquisitions and other related topics. Mike has also written many articles and white papers on the subject. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Michael Burwell works hard at his career choices and he enjoys working in the finance industry. It is no wonder that Willis Towers Watson saw a leader that would enhance their growth. In 2012, the worldwide multi-service advisory firm Willis Towers Watson hired Mike to oversee one of their U.S. and global divisions which oversaw technology venues, business sourcing, national/international client relationships, and other financial ventures. Willis Towers Watson is a leader in investment risk programs, insurance brokerage services, actuarial service plans, analytical solutions, and advisory solutions for U.S. and global companies.


Due to his natural career advancements, in October 2017 Michael Burwell was appointed Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Financial Officer. Mike started his financial career advancement with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. He furthered his financial acumen with a CPA certification. In 2010 Michigan State University Mike was awarded an Alumnus of the Year award.


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