Michael Burwell, who has earned great success in financial advice, is the Chief Financial Officer at Watson Willis Towers. He got his undergraduate degree from Michigan University, alongside his CPA training. Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell served as an audit client assurance practitioner for 11 years. In 1997, he got admitted as a partner and later started PwC’s transaction practices with his base being Detroit. Due to his high achievements, Michael was requested to inherit PwC’s central leadership and ended up serving as the United States general transaction leader.


He was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer in 2007, and in the following year, he was additionally named as the Chief Operating Officer. In 2012, Michael Burwell became the Vice Chairman of the US and Global Transformation. Michael in his own ways made changes to his duty of transformation as a way of optimizing organizational effectiveness, to oversee diverse international functions groups including Finance, Global sourcing, technology, and Human capital. Michael additionally during his tenure, served as a senior relationship partner.


In his recent interview with IdeaMensch, Michael has made a valid point that the detainment of high productivity levels is associated with having the knowledge to do more with less. This can be achieved through technology which has made task performance easier. He advises on the taking advantage of available tools to aid maintenance of a high level of production. He stresses networking and relationship development in different fields which not only helps in business purposes but also interpersonal relationships in general. Solid communications among colleagues, team members, clients and potential investors are vital in any industry for success. Michael Burwell is proud of the four people he guided and mentored who became his previous firm’s partners.


They were all equipped with different skills, goals, and personalities which pushed him to watch their career growth and development. Additionally, Michael’s pride is based on his efficient increment abilities, which he accomplishes without laying off his employees. His pride is also based on the deal that made him create a unique partnership company, after negotiations with Google, and will aid the enhancement and retaining of people’s experiences who make their duties possible and attracting thinkers and innovators of the next generation.


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