The irony of intelligence is that while it is important, it can be a bit dumb to rely on it too much. Intelligence is also easily faked in the modern world we live in. Intellect can be gamed, its metrics cheated upon and its value denigrated. The real amount of intellect these days could even sometimes be cosmetic, but what’s more valuable than intelligence is wisdom and courage to do the right thing.


Wisdom is also something that Willis Towers Watson’s NEW CFO Michael Burwell very well quite possesses, as he’s already had over a decade of finance expertise for different clients. Now that he’s the CFO of Willis Towers Watson, he continues to prove himself that while he is one of the smartest people in the industry, intelligence should be beyond theory.


GlobeNewsWire Announces New CFO of Willis Towers Watson

e read an official statement from GlobeNewswire that Michael Burwell is now the official CFO of Willis Towers Watson, a brokerage firm responsible for various assets and advice on risk management for a lot of varied clients. With the records of Willis Towers Watson as a leading global advisory and solutions company, there’s a lot of challenges that Michael Burwell would soon face. This is not hard for him to do, though. In fact, he’s built the greater part of his life in mastering the finance options skills, the management data expertise and service programs needed to make sure that he delivers the job with excellent results.


The CEO of Willis Towers John Haley agrees with the entire management in deciding that Michael Burwell is the next in line after Roger Millay voluntarily retires on October 2, 2017. Michael is known for being able to deliver results amid the complexity of the problems, and for that Mr. Haley is excited that the company can finally reach its most coveted high potentials because of the involvement of such leadership as Mr. Burwell’s. See This Article for more information.


About Michael Burwell

Mr. Burwell was an Audit Officer, Assurance Specialist, Transaction Specialist and Leader at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) before being working for Willis Towers Watson. He is a graduate of BBA at Michigan State University.


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