The business world is one of crucial sectors to drive economy for the benefit of individuals and many sectors at large. Many have made a name for themselves in this kind of trade. Michael Burwell has made a name for himself and his prowess in finance has shed a light on him for all career years, being successful as he climbs up the ladder in employment.

Work experience and industrial knowledge.



Michael Burwell accomplishments are evident in each company he has worked in. He has 31 years of experience in accountancy related fields. These professional service years have been in the Pricewaterhouse Coopers. To break them down, initial years of service, eleven in total in PwC, were in assurance audit practice developing this industrial knowledge.


Transaction Services

Michael Burwell transaction services experience are a twelve-year diligent work. In PwC he became admitted to the partnership based on transaction services practice including mergers and acquisitions. He started a PwC in Detroit which through his expertise became successful.



In delivering professional services, Michael Burwell has been selected to take internal controls and take over the leadership of PwC in central region of U.S. where he was the overall transaction leader. His capacity saw him appointed Chief Financial Officer and later named the Chief Operating Officer for all PwC’s across the United States.


Michael Burwell tenure did not end there since he became the vice chairperson of Global and U.S. Transformation. He was in charge of various internal group functions such as finance, global strategic sourcing and even technology. This saw him serve as the senior relationship partner for clients.

His career advancement has continued to soar. He secured a position of Chief Finance Officer at Willis Towers Watson after the retirement of their CFO, Roger Millay. This global advisory, reinsurance and insurance company have the best candidate for a replacement. See This Article for more information


Financial analysis.

Michael Burwell professional expertise and interactions with clients has developed his finance analysis skills. His joining Willis Tower Watson leadership team has an advantage to guide them on future potential. His managing and general leadership will ultimately steer the financial investment of the company to full achievements.


There is so much more he brings to the table, for his new employer as the venture into portfolio management adds to his resume. His inclusive skills for thirty-one years and still counting are his great strengths. His outstanding performance is unquestionable.