The race to become the first trillion dollar company continues between tech giants Microsoft and Alphabet. While the parent company of Google had been on top for the past three years, Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s tech giant has just moved past it. Microsoft’s market valuation was higher than that of Alphabet at the close of the markets for Tuesday’s trading sessions.


As Business Insider reported on Wednesday, the overall market valuation was $753 billion for Microsoft and $739 billion for Alphabet, giving the former its first move past the Google parent company in three years. That put Microsoft at third in terms of most valuable companies in the world, and Alphabet took its spot at fourth. They still trail fellow technology companies Apple and Amazon which hold the No. 1, and No. 2 spots, respectively.


All four companies are continuing their race to become the first-ever trillion dollar company. The four companies also seem to compete with one another in different markets. Three of them have their own voice assistant technologies which have spawned various interactive speaker devices. Microsoft and Google also compete with various technologies including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, speech recognition, and productivity products.


Both Microsoft and Google have unveiled a few new developments in their technologies which could lead to boosts for their market values. Google has new visual search tools as well as a predictive feature for Gmail that allows the product to finish the user’s sentence before it is even typed. Microsoft has unveiled new aspects of their cloud businesses as well.


While the two companies traded places on Tuesday, their stock prices were both down at the close of the markets. Microsoft (MSFT) closed down 0.35 at 98.01 for the day, while Alphabet (GOOG) ended up down 15.34 to close at a price of 1060.32 for the day. Apple (AAPL) also closed down at 0.68 at 187.90 while Amazon (AMZN) was the only of the four companies to finish the day higher. Jeff Bezos’ company was up 2.72 to close at 1,612.87 for the day. The overall selloff in the market was attributed to political turmoil in Italy.