Paris, France-headquartered Adikteev, a customer acquisition and ad retargeting specialty firm announced raising $12 million in Series B funding today.

The company, with additional offices in Berlin, New York and San Francisco, expects to expand its operations in the U.S. with the additional funding.

Adikteev has been the center of media attention following its acquisition of the interactive and creative ad specialty startup, Motion Lead in June, 2015. That business deal along with Adikteev’s later purchase of Trademob in January, 2017, a startup offering an omni-channel advertising solution expanded Adikteev’s offerings in the online advertising space.

The recent funding, which increased the total amount of investment capital to an estimated $182 million, was led by Ring Capital and BNP Development along with ISAI, Ventech and Laurent Asscher.

Having partnered with more than 500 customers, resulting in over 3000 online campaigns, Adikteev’s list of clients includes Marvel, Yelp and Audible.

In response to the funding announcement, Xavier Mariani, the firm’s CEO stated that the company has experienced unprecedented strategic growth resulting from its implementation of its growth business strategies over the past 5 years. Mariani added that this round of funding will advance the company’s position within the ad retargeting market inside of the U.S.

Founded in November, 2012 the company attributes its leadership position in the online advertising market to its acquisitions, its in house talent and its commitment to producing triple digit growth.

A mobile advertising provider, Adikteev’s software solution supports customer relationship building at every phase of the process, beginning with brand awareness to conversion and acquisition.

Among Adikteev’s distinctive offerings, dynamic resegmentation, personalization and incrementality are combined to deliver rich interactive ads that deliver results on behalf of their clients. The company’s Predictive Engine, Creative Builder, Proprietary DMP and DSP comprise the firm’s proprietary Data Management Platform, which aggregates more than 500 million data points every day.

Adikteev currently works with a list of high profile clients that include Volkswagen, P&G, ebay, Amazon, Samsung, Paramount and Blizzard Entertainment.

The firm employees approximately 100 industry specialists in its European and North American locations and has experienced more than 6100 percent growth since it was founded.