Netbase put together one of the most informative social media analytics articles currently on the internet. The article covers the basics of social media analytics, how social media platforms already benefit brands with built in analytics, and even offers some additional advice if your willing to spend a couple extra bucks. Let’s take a look at all the comprehensive info Netbase offers

Background Info

Netbase simplifies the basics of social media analytics. They believe that with the right combination of guidance and social media manipulation, even the smallest businesses/brands can compete within a growing global market. Netbase defines social media analytics as:

“[the process of] gathering data from social channels and other online content to guide business decisions.”

Netbase suggests three major levels of social media analytics. A brands success can hinge at any one of these levels.

Set Business Goals

Depending on the type of brand, business owners might focus on gathering page views, or gaining downloads to things they offer.

Focus On KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)


How often to people actually interact with content?


What does an audience ultimately feel towards content?


Do page views actually equate to business sales?

Measure Data

Netbase also suggests taking a look at your data, utilizing one of many social media analytics tools they review.

Social Media Dashboards

Luckily, social media platforms already design their websites and apps with built-in monitors on social media. Social media companies want you to measure data, and they each have unique ways to do so. Realistically, there are five major social media companies that are dominating the social media analytics dashboard field:


Each of these platforms has built in ways to look behind the scenes on how users are interacting with your content.

Multi-Platform Tools

There are a plethora of ways for brands to optimize on free social media analytics tools. The best way is begin setting up social media accounts and utilizing a hand-on approach at experimenting with these tools that any business or brand can use. Here are thirteen of the most useful social media analytics tools Netbase suggests:

  1. Boardreader
  2. Buffer
  3. Followerwonk
  4. Friends+Me
  5. Google Alerts
  6. Hootsuite
  7. HowSociable
  8. Likealyzer
  9. Social Oomph
  10. SumAll
  11. Twitonomy
  12. TweetReach
  13. Zoho Social

Paid Multi-Platform Tools

The only downside to the aforementioned social media analytics tools is that they’re usually only responsible for analyzing one or two social media analytics. Likealyzer, for example, only takes a look at “likes.” Luckily, Netbase covers some additional social media analytics tools that are not only are usable across platforms, but they perform multiple functions/reports. You just have to be willing to spend some extra cash. They are:

  1. Netbase
  2. Likeable Hub
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Tailwind

Your Niche

Netbase recognizes that finding your niche and ultimately connecting with social media platforms and analytics can be a difficult process. That’s why they offer help and consultation. If you’re a brand or business ready for launch, be sure to experiment with some social media analytics tools. If you need some help setting up, Netbase is also there to offer a helping hand within social media analytics.