The age of technology we now live in has left the world with a large amount of change going on across various different areas of life. The political sector has been one of the fastest growing in terms of the available software for developing canvassing and electioneering options in tune with the progressive candidates now on most Democrat tickets. NGP VAN is heading the push for the use of real-time analytics and the most creative ways of changing the left-leaning candidates in the Midterms are fighting election battles.


Perhaps the most amazing statistics to come out of the early campaigning for the 2018 Midterms have revolved around the work completed by NGP VAN and its users. The company provides software and apps for Democrats and left-leaning independents for office at all levels from local to national. This privately-operated company made its name by providing canvassing support for the Presidential campaigns of President Barrack Obama and the ill-fated White House bid of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


NGP VAN has not been willing to sit back and rely on its work to be seen by Democrats using desktop software but instead sought to find solutions for the expanding area of mobile devices and the use of dedicated apps. Released in 2010, the MiniVAN app was originally released with an eye on the Midterms of that year, but the unique political situation of 2018 has seen a remarkable amount of voter engagement in the 2018 Midterms. So many individuals are involved in Democrat campaigns across the nation the MiniVAN app began to trend of the App Store in July of this year.


The most amazing aspect of the fact the MiniVAN from NGP VAN app was trending has been the fact the number of downloads had grown so high in such a short period of time. The Midterms do not take place until November, but volunteers are engaged in political campaigns across the nation months before voters head to the polls.