Politicians from all over the world have the ability to use NGP VAN to connect with people in a deeper way. The great thing about NGP VAN is that it is easy to understand and follow, and it has several different aspects to it, all of which are geared towards reaching people.


One of the main aspects of NGP VAN is canvassing. Canvassing takes place every time supporters go door-to-door and talk to people or even when supporters stop people in the street to talk to them. These supporters will gather some important information from these individuals, which may include an email address, place of residence, and more. This information is used so the politician can reach this person and the people around him/her. When an email goes out to all supporters, these new individuals will receive an email. Additionally, when traditional mail goes out to these new individuals, their neighbors will receive identical pieces of mail. This will help politicians reach the greatest number of people in the quickest amount of time.

Another great thing about NGP VAN is that they are assisting individuals in the LGBTQ community with getting involved in the political world. NGP VAN accomplished this by being the first political campaign company to offer multiple genre selections to supporters of the politicians NGP VAN represents. NGP VAN has currently put a team together to try and figure out more ways in which the campaign company can do more for the LGBTQ community. Within the next 24 months, NGP VAN is expected to have several more programs available for both politicians and supporters of politicians. There is no other political campaign company in the world that has ever shown such grace and equality towards the LGBTQ community, and NGP VAN will continue to let the world know how much they care about the LGBTQ community.