Nick Vertuci is commonly known for his success in the real estate business. However, he is also making a mark in the most unlikely of places, poker. Nick is apparently an established poker player. He has even had the chance to compete against some of the most popular poker players such as Antonio, Estafandiari and David Benyamine. He has also gotten the chance to sare the poker table with A-list celebrities including Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle and Jennifer Tilly.

Nick Vertucci has had a history in the poker games since way back in 2004 when he had his first major poker tournament. The tournament was the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships in Commerce. He emerged 8th in the tournament which is very impressive for someone who was just new to the tournament. He was able to walk away with over $7,530 when his buy in for the tournament was only $1,500.

According to Nick Vertucci, there are several aspects of real estate that are similar to poker and that is why he finds it a bit relatable. Working in real estate enabled him to gain the ability to read others. Intelligence bluffing is another technique that Nick learned from real estate and applies in poker. Bluffing has become important in poker as it is useful in throwing off the competition.

Being in real estate has taught Nick Vertucci that one bad hand won’t be the end of the game. This has been very helpful in his career in poker since it has given him the resilience that is very important in poker. Nick was able to gain confidence through handling numerous real estate transactions. This confidence has been key in helping Nick to win most of his poker matches. Nick Vertucci has been able to play in major poker tournaments and has been able to perfect his poker playing skills over the past 15 years.