Since its founding in 2013, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has held various educational programs designed to equip people with knowledge in real estate investments. Mr. Vertucci’s approach features three steps; getting in, getting out, and getting paid. First, one seeks the best deals in the market with reasonable prices and can potentially have a high return in the future. After buying the property, the investor can choose to renovate, rent, or wholesale. The last step is to flip the property to earn returns.

Nick Vertucci’s pursuit is to help other people grow wealth, manage incomes, and stay out of debt by equipping them with income-generating skills. The cause is so close to his heart due to his experience. Luckily, Nick Vertucci is not one to dwell on the past as he believes that it does not shape the future. Nick’s life took a turn for the worse when his father passed away when he was 10. Nick’s mum became the sole breadwinner working for extended hours to ensure that the children had necessities.

By age 18, Nick’s life had changed entirely, and he lived in his van. Lucky for him, a few years into starting his computer parts enterprise he was able to stabilize his life and start a family. Just like any other business, the enterprise experienced shocks during the dot-com bubble. Finances began shrinking slowly, and for close to 18 months the firm realized little to no incomes. In an attempt to salvage the business, Nick amassed a lot of debt. The result was that he lost everything but his home.

Nick Vertucci was introduced into the real estate business when a friend asked him to be his guest at a real-estate training seminar running for three days. At first, Nick was hesitant about committing his time, but the friend assured him that the benefits outweighed everything. During the forum, Nick Vertucci listened and tried to internalize everything the speakers said. Despite not understanding everything, Nick had a conviction that he found the answers to his financial problems.

Reenergized, inspired, and ready for a fresh start, Nick purposed to gather as much information as possible about the real estate industry. After close to ten years of learning and gathering information, Nick developed a straightforward system that would allow him to earn income in the real estate market. When he was successful, he set out to teach others the method so that they too could enjoy financial freedom and transform their lives.