More than 238 jurisdictions from around the United States proposed locations for Apple’s next hub, a hub that could take up as much as 4 million square-feet and become home to as many as 20,000 Apple employees. Apple has remained relatively quiet about the whole process of determining where it will build its next U.S. headquarters, so there’s no word of other locations being considered. According to Tech Crunch, via The Washing Post, this could create some serious competition between Apple and Amazon, the latter of which is also looking at Virginia as a home for its second headquarters as well.

This all comes after the announcement of Apple’s plan to spend $30 billion on new facilities and hire 20,00 employees over the next five years, a number that would push Apple’s U.S. workforce into the triple digits. There are reportedly several sites in Virginia being considered, and word has it that Apple may want more of a Suburban setting, which would go in line with the 175-Acre Apple Park in Cupertino, California which is located just outside of San Jose. There’s no official word on what kind of offices will be build on this yet-to-be-named site, but it’s been suggested that the headquarters could host research and development as well as call centers, among other things.

Apple still has some time to make a decision, and there’s a lot to consider. Sure, hiring up to 20,000 employees could be huge for the local economy, but it could also lead to some severe problems for locals. A new campus of this size could significantly increase traffic in the area of which it is built and, to make matters worse, it could also have serious effects on the housing market in the local area as well. These are concerns that Apple will have to take into consideration along with local governments in whatever city it decides to spend $30 billion in.